Activating The Self Less Travelled

How many guards following orders in concentrations camps, in hindsight, would have done things differently? We will never know. But we can, with the present choices offered, choose differently if we can free ourselves from a fixed mindset or stuck energy fields? So, why wait for hindsight when we can make new, exciting choices now...

The Desire Underlying Spirituality

Most of us make use of the internet and in so doing forming both platonic and not-so-platonic relationships. So what happens to desire more so when it is aroused online and oftentimes not acknowledged? The western approach is to deny the existence of sensuality and human connection outside of the bedroom, and this often leads to an increase in global pornography.

Is Your Life Run On Rules Or Values

Receiving a reward is like a carrot on the stick; it is how we are programmed to behave and how we are driven toward a specific goal to make progress. That means we go willingly or, as is often the case we are beaten physically or metaphorically into submission. Either way, we lose consciousness. Losing consciousness means we are left with little understanding of ourselves...

Language of the Universe Within

What is healing? Progress is inevitable, but to err is human and too often health professionals ignore the link of our natural rhythms and cycles that human wellness depends on. Medication frequently interferes with the body’s natural ability to align and repair itself. Because in many cases it obstructs the fragile, interdependent connections of our energy field awareness.

KISS Your Chocolate Addiction Goodbye

My life revolved around chocolate: its seductive taste and gentle caress, and…divine pleasure. A slight exaggeration perhaps but chocolate had become an obsession and one of my main food groups. In fact, I was close to having it as one of my main meals.

Aotearoa Vision Award 2021 ADDRESSING MANHOOD

Peace Through Compassion Aotearoa Vision Peace Award Recipients 2021 Christchurch Girls High School and Gandhi Nivas Much is written about domestic abuse and violence in society but instead of focusing on the victims, this year we honor the prevention of violence and sexual abuse toward women and children as shown by Christchurch Girls High School and Gandhi Nivas

Living the Sissy Life

What "triggers" a Mental Health episode and conversely, can these times move us to transformation? People can be triggered by a thoughtless comment to remember an old situation, and as we have seen during COVID, loneliness triggered a mental health crisis because people could not respond through their usual diversionary tactics. But, too often to have a mental health problem is to 'be a sissy'.

Do You Need a Bang on the Head

Whether we are aware of it or not there is a rise and decline within the structure of everything we do. Whichever way you look at it if we had just stayed aware of the process we were in, whether it’s a relationship, aging, or traveling to an Ashram in India, we would realize much earlier that we’re heading for places we don’t really want to be like a divorce court, a hospital emergency...

Finding Your Dream Tribe

Do you have an unfulfilled dream? An idea that has not yet come to fruition? How do you do that? Find out how Roald Dahl and others knew that dreams need ‘ground themselves’ or they would scatter adrift, without a place to sustain them; like spirits floating on the ethers they must find a nourishing garden for the flowers to bloom.

Forest Gump Meets the Prodigal Son

Whether we have a physics degree or are homeless it doesn’t necessarily follow that we can see past experiences. Like the prodigal son who became a veteran of the world, Angela paid the price by disconnecting from the playfulness and joy of the space she once inhabited. Unlike Forest Gump, Angela's life declined into living through other peoples' eyes.

Healing Through the Pre-emptive Strike

How to repattern your thinking. Are you hard on yourself? If you find you are hardest of all; who berates you most for the things you do. Discover why talking to yourself in this state is a no-win situation. Understand that healing starts within where most of the unhappiness and anxiety happens because we give power to things outside of our control,

The Resolution Room

There is a long history in most cultures of telling boys, to 'toughen up'. But is this the idea that causing most of the problems we see in the world right now? With COVID-19 out of control, and rampant masculinity should we seriously consider that the world is a safer better place if we listened to female leaders?

WomanWorld: A Space Few Men Have Gone Before

Part 2/2 While most of the world suffers from COVID-19 chaos, how have so many female leaders come up with the wellbeing message? Underneath the pandemic, neoliberal greed and the mounting conspiracy theories is the world is going through an amazing transition: is humanity evolving?

Trump The Destroyer And Why The Right To Choose Matters

Part 1/2 Trump along with the MeToo revolution has demonstrated how powerful men control the planet through insidious power of Patriarchy. Has Trump played ‘Devils Advocate and with the help of COVID 19 inadvertently broken down the existing system? Has Trump and COVID 19 done what no amount of global ‘do-gooding’ could do?

SAFY The Energy Matrix

SAFY Part 2 What is a distorted global energy field paradigm? How does it happens in a world of increasing disparity where many are unable to maintain a lifestyle because they are living with income that will not cover basic human needs. This takes place against the background of an energy structure of increasing wealth amid greed, brutality in a system of gender, and racial inequity.

SAFY Self Awareness for Youth

Part 1/2. SAFY: Self-Awareness For Youth, suicide prevention. Does 'being a man' in society contribute to youth despair? Do gender changes cause confusion where teenagers feel they exist on shifting sands as a sense of personal powerlessness takes over? Thoughts of finding the self that is complete and loved, is the furthest thing from young minds, especially if cut-off from family and friends.

Trauma And The 5 Powers of Consciousness.

Does suicide lurk under trauma in regret, real or imagined? Energy is physics and as the saying goes – if there is empty space then something will fill it. And shame often fills the void left within our psyche with stories of who we think we are and demonstrates how we stand up or care for ourselves. Moreover, guilt and shame are the silent partners tracking millions of people through their day.

Does Emptiness Mean Nothingness?

How would you describe yourself? Male or female? black or white? Rich or poor? Find out more about how identity affects your happiness and what it means for attaining higher consciousness.

8 Reasons Why Men Should Mentor Women (and 4 Things Women Would Like to Say To You)

Is refusing to mentor women another ploy men use to control the game that many people don't know they're playing? Discover the unconscious programming that keeps women from the Board Room. Ask yourself, is it time for women to stop Leaning Into a broken system?

Aotearoa Vision Award 2019

"We were not a target because we are a safe harbor for those who hate. We were not chosen for this act of violence because we condone racism, because we’re an enclave for extremism. We were chosen for the very fact that we are none of these things"

A Marae in Every School?

#oneheartnz Teaching Te Rao (Maori Language) to every child in New Zealand is a no-brainer. What about connecting a Marae (Meetinghouse) to each school? Comment Yes or No. Being that the Marae is fundamental to the Maori way of life for whanau, hapu, iwi. Instead of it being a ‘cultural experience’ for tourists it becomes a 'living energy' with a focus on nurturing the collective human spirit

To Love Your Child As

Part 7/7 AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON So what does the future hold for our children? #oneheartnz I’m not asking you to be clairvoyant. This question is to do with the cause and effect of our actions because what we do today impacts on what happens to our children and their children. What will be your legacy?

Are You Wired ExtraOrdinary?

Part 6/7 A PATH TO PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST: An Aotearoa Vision: Are You Wired ExtraOrdinary? Do you see yourself supported by a loving universe? Or do you constantly criticize past actions as sinful and judge your faults, your looks or your relationships and income? We are born perfect, so how are we set-up for a life of self-criticism?

LOVE POWER: Feminine Rising

5/7 A PATH TO PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST: An Aotearoa Vision. Love Power? How do you view love? Do you see love as a soft, girly issue - or do you understand that great ‘love fields’ exist beyond understanding and it empowers ultimate courage even in high performing testosterone males?

PANDORA'S BOX: The Price of Power

4/7 A PATH TO PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST: The Aotearoa Treaty. What does an African tribesman who puts a tight coil around his left arm to squeeze the life out of it, have in common with those at the highest levels of American governance? You may not know about the ritual of African tribesmen, but you probably know about Christine Blasey Ford. Whether her testimony is true or not - what now?

MAN or GOD: Who Gets Your Child?

Part 3/ 7 A PATH TO PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST: An Aotearoa Vision. Who Gets Your Child? Imagine this: you are hurtling through space on your way to Mars, wide-eyed trying to glimpse Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Mukesh Ambani, and Jeff Bezos up front, as the waitress pops the cork and pours champagne; the party is on!

War Child

Part 2/7 A PATH TO PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST: An Aotearoa Vision. Are some children fated to become mortal enemies? The battle between nature and nurture has been ongoing since genetic sciences came on the scene. The science of epigenetics, although still controversial, is an attempt at breaching that gap by showing that our genes are actually impacted by environment and childhood experiences.

A Path to Peace in the Middle East

Part 1/7. An Aotearoa Vision What is it that generates conflict in places such as the Middle East, the Balkans and causes massive genocide to millions of indigenous peoples? Before we rush into space we must explore the source of conflict. For if the way we think now is left to fester humanity will continue unimpeded through time and space. THIS SERIES IS DELETED CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE.

To Kill Or Not To Kill?

Catching Flies. Terrorists, Monks, and The Middle East? Violence is rampant and it appears that we are powerless to prevent it. But is this true? Must we always react to feed the violence

SAPIENS: Are They the Biggest Problem in the World?

Are young people taking drugs and committing suicide because political and financial ideologies crush their spirit? What worth is success when measured against profound human, animal, and environmental suffering?

Jacinda Ardern Aotearoa Vision Award Recipient

Jacinda Ardern receives the 2018 Peace Through Compassion, Aotearoa Vision Award for gender, cultural, and environmental goodwill in the service of humanity

Tony Robbins and Spiritual Bypassing

How did you feel when Tony Robbins told a rape survivor that speaking up in the #MeToo movement was to "try to get significance and certainty by attacking and destroying someone else."

Innerpeace Masterclass

How do you find Inner Peace? How do you step into your highest personal destiny? Find the answers you need first-hand from over 20 global visionaries who have come through restricting trauma patterns to experience profound inner peace and freedom. Receive a Free Gift at each interview!

Aotearoa Vision: We are One Heart

Do not stay upset at the state of the world - war, heartless animal and child cruelty, unconscionable acts of brutality… Do something about it! Join us in changing the global paradigm of inhumanity as we celebrate New Zealand’s history of a united people upholding Human Rights.

Why Must I Keep Saying This Before I Ask the Question?

Why is it that to identify the perpetrators of crimes such as sexual assault, banking and corporate embezzlement, abuse of indigenous rights, refugees, slavery, the water, the land, pedophiles, and every other problem society faces, is such a risky thing to do?

The 3 Things You Need to Know About Contracts

How troublesome is your mobile phone contract, your relationship, or even your latest business or spiritual guru? If you are signing any type of contract you need to know what you are getting into. How do you do that? Here are some questions that will help!

The Female Effect

What do women and indigenous cultures have to do with the energy of the planet? Many would say, we live in misogynist and racist societies, but what does that mean in terms of the consciousness, and of leaders like Donald Trump and the desire for global peace?

The Refugee: Is it Ever Too Late For Peace?

Prevent More Suffering, Stand for Peace. Lights are off! The camera's are gone! Where is this little boy now? Is he safe? A heart wrenching picture - do we just forget him, or do we stand up for him and the millions of other children who are casualties of war?

Say No To Violence: Belong to Love

STAND FOR LOVE: STAND for PEACE: Do You Believe in Miracles? Stand for the people in Charlotte and throughout the USA, for Syrian refugees and for all those souls who are suffering from violence and conflict. Don't give in to violence: if you want Peace then stand with us and UNITE to end conflict and suffering! Peace is possible in Unity!

Sexual Abuse: Imagine 117.568 Terrorist Attacks in ONE year!

To Sexual Violence ignorers and Donald Trump supporters: Imagine if there were 117.568 Terrorist attacks in one-year, instead of the amount of sexual convictions. Just think of the vast amount of political will and resources that would go into arming the military and expanding the executive security budget and it is just the 'tip of the iceberg.'

End Police Quotas!

People all over the world dream of meeting their monthly job targets. Some do this by selling insurance, or listing extra properties for the housing market. However, police in the US are required to ticket and arrest more people to meet their monthly quota - and it just so happens that it's mostly young black men who are apprehended...

7 ways Harry Potter (and Millennials) are Creating a Better World!

1. Harry Potter looks after himself: but he is not selfish, nor does he cruise through life like some awkward 'muggle' people think He just doesn't want to do stuff because sometimes it's a big waste of time. Like working just to....

Introduction: Find out about Belonging to Love

It is love and compassion that will heal the world. Moment by moment we are each making a difference. Join the revolution for global goodwill