7 ways Harry Potter (and Millennials) are Creating a Better World!

  • Kay Urlich

1. Harry Potter looks after himself: but he is not selfish,  nor does he cruise through life like some awkward ‘muggle’ people think. He just doesn’t want to do stuff because sometimes it’s just a big waste of time: like working just to raise his profile in the world; no way are he and his friends just ‘working for a resume.’

2. Life-Work alignment: He and his friends do not want to be stuck at a desk with useless crafty tasks wasting their time for 90 hours a week; they want to be with the people they love because spontaneity and joy matters. Harry and co. are mischievous and sensitive and happiest when discovering mysterious passages and rooms to explore.

3. Follows his Passion: Harry and his friends are smart and kind and want to do the ‘right thing.’ They want meaning in their life and be driven by more than what they find in the muggle world – they want to do good things that excite them and go toward the betterment of the people around them.

4. Thinks globally: They share their ideas, they don’t just sit there and let nasty, devious things happen to people – it is important to do something to help - they stand up for people during hard times and battle evil!

5.Harry and his Friends are Tolerant of Others: They know that nobody is all good or all evil; that everybody deserves to be given a chance no matter how fiendish they’ve been.

6.They understand magic! Harry Potter and his friends have remedies for the thorny glitches that the wicked warlocks have created. They know that whenever something tricky is going on they can ‘alter that reality‘ because they know how to change things for the better. The reason being that they have courage and magic spells that are brighter than darkness.

7. Most Important They Stick Together: Harry and his friends know when they work together how hard riddles can be solved; that their very best magic happens when they stick together, then they can make a difference

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