Language of the Universe Within

  • Kay Urlich



I’ve heard it said - to live is to suffer – and we see the truth of this for many people who still grieve from brutal traumatic experiences from one, ten, or fifty years ago yet the effects remain in the system through post-traumatic stress disorders. 

Over time, science has progressed with so much new information but many ask has it caused us to suppress and deviate from our body’s wisdom?

Additionally, after a century of processed food and reliance on western farming techniques, has society moved away from the art of self-healing which is now viewed as ‘alternative medicine’? Have we traveled too far down a separate, and evermore, isolated path?

Progress is inevitable, but to err is human and too often health professionals ignore the link of our natural rhythms and cycles that human wellness depends on.  Medication frequently interferes with the body’s natural ability to align and repair itself. Because in many cases it obstructs the fragile, interdependent connections of our energy field awareness.  

       Illustration: The Structure of Energy Fields

Energy is fundamental to trauma repair because it carries the consciousness that transforms suffering; it activates the divine forces within to release the blocks that lure us repeatedly to relive old encounters which interfere with our present health and relationships: Science and technology can compound difficult situations.

It is helpful when working on the physical aspects but causes misalignment with the natural processes of our body, mind, and spirit as they work to connect through a healthy life force.

Our health and relationships are dependent on the interconnections within us, drugs can affect our ability to become self-supporting, socially empathetic, and cooperative. It is way past time to re-examine the purpose of what healing is: Is it to control and suppress our body, mind, and emotions, or is it to expand and connect our life force internally and externally? 

Many personal and global health problems are preventable and surmountable.  Energy Healing acknowledges how even the most trivial exchanges can destabilize our well-being and open the door for health and relationship problems to occur. And when we submerge our experiences, they lie smoldering below the surface of our lives.

People have learned that no matter what is arising that may cause us pain, through the state of our health and relationships, we can choose to be aware of the body language that is trying to reach us.

And in so doing, despite the problems we encounter along the way like color poured onto canvas, our world becomes more vibrant and potent as we explore the depth of our experiences to build and strengthen our loving, compassionate selves and this energy is reflected by those who mirror our emerging spirit. It is up to us.

We can dive deeper into the personal issues we face to find out why our consciousness descended into darkness and through this turn difficult situations into dynamic connections: we can transform our world by activating the language of the universe within us.

First published Sibyl Magazine

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