Is Your Life Run On Rules Or Values

  • Kay Urlich


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You can never truly “go bush”, can you? Is it possible to just disappear from the world and live a “free life”? I don’t think you can, because no matter what you do or where you go there are rules. If you join a club, go on a trip, or find a new job, no matter what you do there are procedures, systems, and policies to adhere to. Following procedures means we are usually rewarded with love from our family or a prize and respect from our peers and community. But how often do we stop and think about the things we do that make us feel uncomfortable? But, still, we keep on doing what we’re doing and wonder why the same results keep happening. Often the thing we do is justified because “that’s what we do” in our family, our sports team, and our community.

Nevertheless how often do you hesitate because it doesn’t feel right? How often have you felt a niggle of anxiety in the pit of your stomach and then you let the feeling go because you were following the rules or your group’s unwritten code and being rewarded for it; getting a raise or a promotion or winning a medal. And why shouldn’t you, everybody wants to win, that’s how society runs!

Receiving a reward is like a carrot on the stick, it is how we are programmed to behave; that’s how we are driven toward a specific goal to make progress.

That means we go willingly or, as is often the case in many places get beaten physically or metaphorically into submission.

Either way, we lose consciousness.

Losing consciousness leaves us with little understanding of other people's points of view or even our inner perception that is gained through deep heart-knowing.


I’m not suggesting we sit passively or express ourselves loudly to find our unknown gifts because rules have their value. Competing inspires people toward excellence whether it is sport or medicine: that’s how society gains knowledge.  But what happens when rules, conflict with the wisdom of universal human values? For example, rules are important because they set the tone for a safe society, but are the rules we live by timeless?

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The question we must ask is what do we want to be safe from? And this is where values gain importance because they help us to develop the awareness that determines the ethics we want to live by. For many, it is about revealing a heart knowing that drives us beyond the temporary physical wellbeing to explore more about what is beyond ourselves and others into the realm of universal rules. That the choices we make will be as valid in 200years as they are now where we endeavor to do what we can to leave behind a place wherein people are free to choose heart wisdom over the temporary scientific progress that promotes only the wellbeing of physical life in a transient form.

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