The 3 Things You Need to Know About Contracts

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I'm no lawyer, but I’ve had mobile phones for years, and always used prepay until two years ago when I signed a two-year contract with a global provider.

Now the time had come, and I wanted to change company’s. But how could I do that when I was still receiving accounts for monies owed by the old one. I went to their office and found I was tied to them because there was a clause at the bottom of the page to ‘continue unless I ended the deal.’  I had tried to finalize the agreement six months earlier but was told to come back when its time ran out. So there I was ...

Now they said I must talk to their central office … I left the shop and found a seat in the mall and phoned where I was talking on a static line with somebody in a foreign country.  Let me be clear, my father was an immigrant, and I am used to speaking to people who have English as a second language. However,

I do repeat myself to make sure I am being heard correctly, and that I’m clear about what is being said to me


They said, ‘that in closing down my contract, I would lose my long-held phone number.’  I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly because I had been told a few minutes earlier this was not the case. I asked them to repeat their statement which they did with an emphatic, ‘yes, I would lose my phone number if I ended the contract.’ Back I go to the office, and the rep there appeared genuinely contrite about the misinformation I had received and helpful about settling my deal … so after a couple of hours, I had nearly closed the account.   

When I initially signed this contract the person writing-it-up meant well (I think), but they did not understand what I wanted, and sadly, then, nor did I. 

The moral of the story is know what you want if you are going to sign a contract. Ask questions such as:


  1. What do you need the phone for - Phone Calls, Videos,….? Identify your primary areas.
  2. What is the price range you can afford consistently over an extended period? (It’s probably best to take the lowest price for the reason you can usually upgrade: cutting to a cheaper  contract is nearly impossible.)
  3. Can you change your plan in any way; is there some flexibility with rollover data, etc.?


Much wiser now in the way of my mobile phone requirements, I went to my new phone line provider and grilled them for half an hour to make sure of all the fine print and possibilities that could arise. My experience taught me that, if I don’t know what I want, then how can anybody know what to give me. Understanding the rules helps weed out the cheats too.

Life and Relationships are the exactly same, to find the right answers, you must first ask the right questions.


For instance, what are the 3 main desires you have that would bring you happiness? What is it that you want?

  1. Wealth: Identify your primary needs.
  2. Fame: Are you reliant on external circumstances for your happiness?
  3. Loving relationship: Do you have freedom of thought, expression etc?

Choose only one of the above subjects (they probably all have the same root cause) and find some answers through some of the following questions:

  • What? For example  What are your primary financial needs?
  • Why?
  • Where?
  • How?
  • When?

Go deeply into the reason. What does this bring up for you? For instance, if you want fame (or a relationship), why do you want it? How do you want it? Most of all be honest with yourself! 

Because it brings me lots of attention… It makes me feel I have ‘made it.’ It makes me feel valued, loved, worthy, etc.


Dig deeper, find out more about yourself by looking through the details of your life. Check out the ‘fine print,’ because the universe is always in motion bringing us people and opportunities: there may be cheats and swindlers, but not everything negative is bad for you. Remedies come from everywhere - even the miserable experiences bring gifts of experience from which to grow.

Pay attention to the little things; to the people who annoy you or explore the reasons of how and why you get into relationships you don’t want that keep repeating themselves. (Find out more about relationships in The Structure of Energy Healing here...)

Sit with the feelings for a while and know there is a solution: find someone you trust, who can help you not so much with the answers, but who will grill you to define your questions 


And remember you came into this life with contracts, some of them you want to honor, and some which would be better to end. The answers may lie in mysterious places but the knowledge is there, it’s just that sometimes they are not obvious and do not come forth as we expect. That's okay ..... just keep digging for the questions.

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