Why Must I Keep Saying This Before I Ask the Question?

  • Kay Urlich

Red illustrates the areas where 'as of today there are 49 dictatorships in the world. (21 in Africa, 18 in Asia, 7 in the Middle East, 1 in Europe, 2 in the America's) We define a Dictator as the ruler of a land rated "Not Free."' Source planetrulers.com


When so many people are searching for peace and harmony in their lives, you might wonder how  Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Hassan Rouhani, and so many other world leaders gain the support that is required to rise to such exalted positions of power? 


You might also speculate, why I make two disclaimers about a book that discusses the problems they create. Where I must repeatedly say that:

I love men! I truly do


But why must I keep reassuring people, and why does it matter?


The reason is that I ask one specific question, and it is not to blame anybody; it is to delve into a paradigm that is blatantly obvious, that is the main source of many global and criminal issues. And, even though the information I present is based on sound evidence, it leaves me open to intense criticism and backlash (In fact, you would think the opposite would happen - you would think it would pose an exciting challenge for people who love evidence-based reading - wouldn't you?) and bear with me because its important you remember this


Which brings me to the other thing I must tell you.


The second thing I must say is that the knowledge gathered is demonstrated through a format I discovered in an intangible way. Which does not change the evidence or make the information less valid.  What it does mean is that I demonstrate physical proof in a unique way.

After many years of meditating, standing for women's rights, indigenous rights, and financial commonsense, to make things even more frustrating I’m told by some I bring forth the problems in a ‘confrontational’ light. Which I interpret to mean that anybody doing this, especially women who identify the problem and where the buck stops, are not okay.


It is not okay to ask, how is it that people like Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and his ilk such as Steve Bannon rise to such giddy heights of power when people know them to be crooked?


It is not okay to identify the perpetrators of crimes, such Harvey Weinstein for sexual assault, and others for banking and corporate embezzlement, abuse of indigenous rights,  police quotas, refugees, slavery, the water, the land, pedophiles, and every other problem society faces because it is such a risky thing to do?


#metoo (posted 18 Oct. 2017 on FB)
When I was 15 years old I was gang raped by 5 men. It took another 40 years before I told anybody.

Why is it still so unsafe for people to talk?
Why are sexual abuse complaints so minimized.
Why is sexual abuse continuing?


In fact, you would have to ask, how in a free society a well known perpetrator of some of these deeds can be voted in to become the President of the United States of America?


Ask Yourself: 

1.  How is it that so many people can overlook these crimes and allow them to continue?

2. Why does China continue to deny the #MeToo movement!

3. What is it about empowering women that will change the status quo? 


Find Out Here: The Metamorphosis of Humanity: The Female Effect




Whereas the following book describes the cost we all pay ...

"The following book is an analysis and account of the cost of humanity failing to embrace its full, balanced male and female nature. Our imbalance is the problem, our over realization of our male side and suppression of our female side, and so we find ourselves in ManWorld. This is the violent, extractive, destructive, values crazy world we are living in now. All action and power without compassion and empathy. This book is intense and uncompromising. It is a coherent call for us all to open our eyes and minds and hearts, to get a grip and take full responsibility. Kay Urlich shows us a deep spiritual weaving of meaning and hope, to raise our consciousness, our frame of reality, to include our male and female, earth and spirit energies. To act always in empathy and from love, to bring inner as well as world peace. I highly recommend this book."  Zac Foote


This book is about the energetic dynamics, research and statistics of gender, social, political, religious and financial inequality. It challenges the assumption that men are 'born to be predators,' as it grapples with the pathology that wounds men as much as it commits violence against anybody who is vulnerable. It is about challenging a paradigm that has very few winners!

And ask yourself, "Does society groom boys into sexual predatory stereotypes?

ebook available here...

Like an individual who is half black and half white, or transgender, it seems we belong to many  camps. Male and female, the physical and the spiritual, and there is one part that overrules all others. 

But why we must choose only one?

In these times of overwhelming global chaos  when our hearts and minds can see and assess the cause of such destruction, we can turn our biggest pain into our biggest passion, and have it be our purpose - Read the Aotearoa Vision  

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