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  • Kay Urlich

Peace Through Compassion: I belong to love - Introduction

The greatest enemy of knowledge is the illusion of knowledge.” Stephen Hawking

A few of my more cautious friends have warned me against speaking so freely about some of my experiences because I sound too ‘out there.’  I have not taken their advice.  Granted, some of the material in this book will be a bit of a stretch for many people.  However, that is not a good enough reason to hide what I know. Furthermore, despite the global horror and disasters occurring, many more people understand that there are alternatives to conflict; that a non-violent world is possible. Vote now for Love

But...” my cautious friends persist, “ can you say that!  When things are getting worse, and there is no evidence of anything getting better?”

“Not correct...” is my response as I add: “...proof of a more peaceful world is happening in every moment.  Solutions are everywhere.”

I have come to the conclusion that the reason people cannot comprehend the possibility of peace is that the answers have not come as society expects, from political think-tanks or G20 forums.  It feels as if the search for peace has gone on forever and has been so disastrous, that we must look to solutions elsewhere: in fact, as many other people realise we must find the answers ourselves.  I believe we can do this – that this is entirely possible - but to achieve it, we must look into our own hearts and share knowledge. This is why I have written the book ‘­­­­­­­Peace Through Compassion: I belong to love’ available here

I own my words, and I am sharing my experiences to make a stand for love. It is why I am asking you to Vote for Love’ at Because in a world dominated by the noise and turmoil of politics and war, if we want peace, then we must be seen to want it: the reason being that if we don’t Stand for Love, who will?

I know peace can be accomplished because when we humans think differently, we bring forth answers that were previously unimaginable. To find out more go to

What would people one hundred years ago have thought about going to the moon, or TV, and the internet; about the amount of technical progress made – and yet sadly, still, no peace? That the seemingly fantastic and improbable has been brought to fruition in some ways but not in others?

Yes, some of my experiences may seem implausible.  But as I have seen we live in a world of infinite opportunity limited only by our own minds. I have experienced amazing, beautiful, out-of-this-world things, which proved to me that peace is not only possible, but that love is our most natural state. 

And this is why - despite the problems – we must take action and stand for love  to be seen as the ‘Evidence of Peace.’  To show there is an abundance of generosity, grace, and unity between us, just waiting to connect. 

We all have something to contribute to humanity.  I am asking you to share your skills and knowledge and rise above the limitations of the more rational or conservative minds: to stay open to the endless options that are ‘out there.’  Find out what we do at  See how you can contribute by sharing your story of peaceful resolution to conflict, or by donating money, or skills.

We are here to make a difference: to my doubting friends I say, “Do not be afraid - join the move!  Become part of the revolution that is multiplying the evidence of what can be accomplished when the mind is set free.”

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