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Part 1/2: Your Energy Matrix  

Did you breeze through puberty or did you, like most people, have problems?

The prevalence of sexual abuse for girls (and many boys) around the globe are well documented and progress towards justice continues, albeit slowly.  

Boys generally have different stresses than girls and it is here that confusion reigns: one of the biggest problems I see for boys, is to satisfy the demands of male social acceptance. This is difficult when tackling not only the changing gender roles in society but the lingering toughen-up mentality when wanting acceptance from their peers even in the most casual social situation.

This is a worry for parents whose biggest fear is the safety of their children. I don’t need to tell you that being a parent is difficult at the best of times because while teenagers are full of fun they are also full of angst as their lives are fraught with danger. Times have changed in many ways with technology and more information, yet underneath it all youth today are not much different from their parents in one thing, in that each one of us has an aspect that is unseen by others.  This childlike, frightened part of us often remains unacknowledged for most of our lives. 

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Even though we have a better understanding of the problems teenagers suffer, today there are larger global issues at play that add to the worry.

So in many ways, the path for young people is murkier because the boundaries are not as straightforward as they could be. And while gender roles are changing, some patterns remain the same, and it is here that many young men and boys are fearful.  This is where anxiety and panic can turn into powerlessness, especially if one is bullied.

Being bullied at work or school brings feelings of personal powerlessness and unfortunately, most therapy works on the physical/human level of the problem only.

This is very much like trying to balance life on the shifting sands of uncertainty.  Thoughts of finding the self that is whole, complete, and loved are often the furthest thing from the conscious mind because many of the doubts and anxieties that are running through the psyche are founded in the unconscious mind. (Find out more read The Structure of Energy Healing)

Therefore, the biggest worry for family and friends observing a teenager is that they miss, or will not realize what’s going on below the surface, because they cannot comprehend the parts of their beloved child (or friend) they do not see.

When asked to elaborate, clients tell me that they feel they cannot cope with the turmoil. They feel frustrated and suicidal but don’t really want to die, they just want the pain to end. One of the biggest problems is they don’t know how to communicate their vulnerability to others.

They don’t know how to ask for the help they need to comfort and heal the innocent, vulnerable aspects hidden in the spiritual mind.

Similar to a furtive sea creature quivering under a rock, this part is secreted into an energy structure within you.

And it cannot be accessed by talking or by suppressing the fears through drugs and alcohol. Most of all, my clients do not know how to access and comfort the delicate frightened part that is squirreled away behind their conscious and unconscious fears.

From prison inmates to the highest business achievers, different people experience different levels of anxiety and depression, they know something is there but they cannot grasp it. However, they are united by one thing, and that is that they want the shame, hopelessness, and despair they feel to go away. 

When despair surfaces, most people try to avoid their negative feelings and this is where addiction takes over in a flash, and the human mind hardly knows it's happening.  All it knows is that it is trying desperately to avoid feeling more pain by drinking more alcohol, taking more drugs (whether they are illegal or prescribed antidepressants).   Or they have counseling which many have done - often for years, mostly to no effect because the cause cannot be found. 


We are not against medication, it is vital in some cases in the short-term and sometimes even long-term.  Unfortunately for many pills in most cases are at best a temporary measure to block and censor the energetic pain. Moreover, drugs, legal or illegal, have side-effects that add to the misery by dulling the mind, leaving people unable to connect to themselves and others in a mindful way. And, as I said, you are not alone in this, I have done it all myself.

What many people do not know about is the pain that is hanging on in the ‘spiritual fields’ of consciousness. And how they cannot access it because it is blocked by the mind.

What I know is if the energetic cause remains unresolved then the mixed messages we receive add to the uncertainty where hopelessness and fear can dominate our thinking.


Image: Trauma-Infographic-1

It is at times like this I am aware that people are blocked to the processes going on within them.  They don’t know about the vitally important parts that would nourish, help them recover, and heal their pain for they are manipulated by their conscious and unconscious minds which are dulled down by despair and/or medication.

It is at this point that many people want to kill themselves.


And when therapy is received the underlying traumatized energy remains locked in the body, mind, and spirit and is never retrieved. It is then that the energy that holds the pain will try to get your attention by creating accidents or manifesting as an illness in different areas of your body.

I know, I’ve been through this myself.

What I have observed through my own healing crises and in the healing work I do now, is that the biggest problem with trauma recovery is knowing how to access and care for the vulnerable hurting energy locked in the self.

There is a reason for this that causes ongoing despair

Which is that people do not know about the parts of their psyche that are responsible for treating their pain compassionately.


This is where talking about the problem or taking drugs seldom resolves the issue. Don’t get me wrong, most therapists I know do a wonderful job and talk-therapy is a vital part of healing. But I understand through my own challenges that especially in the early stages is that talking doesn't help much at all. The reason being is that talking can not release the stored underlying energetic cause. What talking does is help you to manage your pain but it does not release the energy that would heal your broken heart. 

At SAFY there are two main parts to healing

1. The first is, that we go deeper into your psyche to retrieve the frightened and tender part that is submerged within you.

2. The second is to activate the compassionate field that would nourish the tender you that fosters self-love.

What I have learned is that the difficulties people face are not so much about desperately negative thoughts, messy or bad parenting, or even a brutally sad childhood it is about activating the unconscious by transforming the energy that is locked into the fields of despair.

Healing through the conscious mind - that is, the lower-left fields logical and active mind, cannot do this, it cannot help.  

Talking will not release energy because talking is about mind-thinking. And all the thinking in the world will not exorcise the emotions of the despairing inner-child consciousness.

It is only through the heart that we can find and release the power of the spirit, and to do this we need to connect inward to the heart's core.

For many people, it's impossible to understand the concept of a structure of heart consciousness because they too have forgotten or may never have known what it feels like to comfort their gentle inner-self.

And it is the fears of inner-abandonment that lead to relationship problems and generations of domestic violence where people blame their partners for the feelings they have of rejection and pain. (Find out more read Soul Mate or Soul Inmate?)

But is the unresolved self-comfort issues that lead to bigger problems. (more about this in Part 2)


Many years ago how I was working with adults whose young children were suicidal and how they were the vulnerable ‘canaries in the coalmines’ for the state of human consciousness: it is clear that more children are suffering deeply and we need to look at our social structures (to find out more read about the Aotearoa-Vision).

According to statistics, younger and younger children are having suicidal thoughts and their pain is as intense as what adults experience when facing unemployment, homelessness, and relationship issues.

And this is where we at SAFY activate the hidden aspects

If the upper-right energy field is not activated to comfort the fragile upper-left field, misguided young men, confused about their place in the world and with thoughts of suicide, find it easy to slip into the wounded, lower field and its competitive ego-mind.  If weapons are available, this combination compels some to go one step further and take a semi-automatic to school for a much-celebrated shoot-up, which is the manly-gunslinger way to go and take more lives with them

Adults need to wake up because many young people are rejecting the limited choices offered to them.  Let me put it another way - many young men and women do not want to grow into the emotionally wounded, stereotypical gender behavior cycle that promotes relationship problems, misogyny, racism, financial inequality, and global conflict.


 As adults, we need to step out of the old paradigm (the Matrix) of who we think we are and expand our energy to widen our understanding of what children want, of who our children are, and what success in life means for them.  (Find out more, read The Metamorphosis of Humanity: The Female Effect)

Despite the dedication of those working for change and the amount of money spent it is time to know more, and for that we need to listen because the suicide and murder rate remains alarmingly high. Until we change the social paradigm where the underlying belief of achieving ‘adulthood’ through restricted gender patterning that expects young men to ‘toughen up’, and young women to align with this field for power, future generations will continue to be sucked into the vortex of destruction that locks them into cycles of despair and conflict.

It is time for young women to stand up, they too are burdened because in order to succeed in business or politics they must also harden up and adapt to a negative structure that limits their choices. And many are doing this. However, it is those who stand for love in the lower-right field who hold the key to activating the power of compassion in this world, thus leading the way to a higher consciousness where instead of striving for more information or power we are raising the level of human wisdom. (Read 8 Reasons Why Men Should Mentor Women)


And it is not only women who are leading the way. In the past, it has been mostly women making the change. But I see a huge shift in male awareness with more young men following my work than women because they want the change to happen too.

We celebrate upcoming leaders like All Black Ardie Savea who has demonstrated the ‘manliness and mana’ that comes when breaking out of old stereotype ‘real man' mentality by demonstrating the ethical strength gained when one activates the other fields to become a strong, vulnerable and compassionate man. “Embracing the imperfections, what Savea calls being vulnerable, is an attitude adopted by a number of key All Blacks this year.” Source, 1 NEWS Rugby World Cup Japan 2019.

Accepting the gentle inner-self and having it loved by the internal compassionate mother is a manly thing to do.


At SAFY we help young people to grow into conscious adults who nurture their inner wisdom, the land, the sea, the animals, and the children and other cultures - thus they are creating a safer more conscious humanity. Find out more at the Aotearoa Vision


Our aim is to show young people how to nourish their full male and female energetic structure, where they can sustain new brainwave patterns that enliven the spirit to bring self-love into being. This is most vital because how we protect our children and help them empower each other will determine the future of the planet.

We plan to activate the vulnerable inner-self in youth before it is snatched and corrupted by negative forces for the purpose of empowering competing ideologies that promote global discrimination, bigotry, and holy deception. (read more about this in Part 2, The Global Energy Matrix )


The Self Awareness for Youth program is designed to empower you and you will discover:

  • Which part of you is affected or depleted most?
  • What are the parts we can activate that will help you build a strong compassionate structure?

Because, when we learn to nourish the tender aspects of ourselves, we will also nourish the fragile and tender aspects of future children, the animals, and the environment. How we treat ourselves is a family affair inside our body, mind, and spirit.  When we acknowledge this we are able to spread this outward to enlighten a beautiful world that is presently engulfed in deceits that have been handed from generation to generation and compounded into social structures.


Accessing the source of life means that the healing begins from the inside-out and maintains wellness as you ‘soften up and become a happy human who has no need to leave the planet.’

It is the softness that children authentically are before it is ‘socialized’ out of them.

Our global vision is to help all young people walk this world as happy fulfilled human's combining the body, mind, and spirit. What I share comes from direct knowledge to activate the conscious self through our biological and energetic systems. And through this, we recall how we come from love and it is back into love we go as we remember we were born perfect.  It is time now to remember and activate our fully powerful self which is Love.


Part 2: Find out more in The Global Matrix 

The SAFY Self Awareness For Youth suicide prevention will be a Free service 


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