Our Purpose:

To Stand Up for Peace


Our Mission:

Peace Through Compassion (PTC) is for people who believe that the 'construct of war and corruption’ is a paradigm to be changed: it is for those who will stand up and be counted on to unite and organize for Peace. There is ample proof that when we humans set our minds to do something it happens. And we plan for Peace to happen.


"Those who Love Peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who Love War." Martin Luther King


PTC is promoting the ways of resolution through greater awareness of the power we each have. There is ample evidence to show that compassion increases people's empathy and understanding abilities. That we can awaken the forces that lie dormant to support the progress already made: it is about 'doing love' as we bring alive the possibility of local and global harmony. 


Peace is possible - but to achieve it, we must organize and align with other PeaceMakers to build into a united powerful force


In a world dominated by the noise and turmoil of politics and war, if we want peace, then we must be seen to want it: the reason being that if we don't Stand for Love, who will? I know Peace is possible because when we humans think differently, we bring forth answers that were previously unimaginable. (Read Peace Through Compassion: I belong to love)

No different than a 'split' in the personality, socially we have been 'divided and conquered.' Just as we would unite the body, mind, and spirit to heal ourselves, so too 'we must learn to organize effectively' in the community. Similar to uniting personal energy fields, it is well documented that when people get together and create compassionate environments they are more likely to find solutions: when children are supported and cared for, they progress faster and their brains become more fully formed.  Then, exponentially, the family, and society benefit; we 'are more likely to get things done' when we stand united under the 'neutral' flag of 'goodwill.'  


 Resolution is more than having ‘peace talks.' It is about 'transformation through effective, united action' that ends the conflict, and then sharing the results in society  


What would people one hundred years ago have thought about going to the moon, or TV, and the internet; about the amount of technical progress made – and yet sadly, still, no peace? Why is it that the seemingly fantastic and improbable has been brought to fruition in some ways, but not in others?


The Reality of  Love may seem implausible to many, however, after many profound spiritual encounters I know that love creates extraordinary actions that bring about immense change. I have had amazing, beautiful, out-of-this-world experiences which proved to me that peace is not only possible but that compassion, not competition, is our most natural state. 


And this is why - despite the present global challenges - I created the Peace Through Compassion movement to stand up for the ‘Evidence of Peace.'  To show there is an abundance of generosity, grace, and unity among us just waiting to connect. It is up to us to spread this force by identifying the primary causes of injustice, poverty, and conflict, and then to Stand For the Change We Want in the local and global systems. Find out more about the Aotearoa Vision


It is Time to Act!

No matter how big or small we feel, we each have something to contribute to humanity.

What are the little or big things you do that benefit others?

If you are working on solutions then write to us and we can post it on our Affiliates page: speak up! sign up! stand up! You are a living force for peace! 


To my doubting friends, I say "Do not be afraid - join me!  Become part of the revolution that is multiplying the evidence of what can happen when the mind is set free." 

About Us


Kay Urlich: Founder PTC

In the late 80’s  Kay was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. After a few years undergoing western medical treatment began exploring the world working with Shamans and healers while researching the deeper spiritual insights found in indigenous cultures.

Back in New Zealand, Kay received the ancient knowledge of the structure of four energy fields.  Now called the Kurlich Healing Method, Kay has appeared on radio and TV where the work was described as extraordinary.

Kay writes, speaks, and advocates for peace through the Aotearoa Vision: it is about 'doing love' by bringing alive the evidence of how personal energy field healing creates global harmony.  

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Michael Rafael Vujnovich

Projects Partnership 

Projects Manager Tauranga City Council NZ 

Former NGO Child Fund NZ


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