The Female Effect

  • Kay Urlich


When Donald Trump became the leader of the free world many people, particularly women and indigenous cultures, understood the misogynist and racist damage that would follow. 


Why the surprise? Hasn’t discrimination been going on for years in hidden and insidious ways, and yet we didn’t read the signs that it would get worse? And why wouldn't it get worse, when no matter what changes are made on the surface, the underlying structure remains the same!


The question is, could it be a good thing that the widespread bigotry has come to the surface? Good, in that we understand now how great this problem is, and even more alarming, that it still flourishes because 


Children are 'conditioned' by their culture into certain personality traits


What some people don't understand is that, to change the crooked thinking of any society, we must read the signs that exist within the structure of power that maintains its dysfunction. Then, find the tools that will transform the negative patterning.


If we don't address the initial state, then the 'solution' will be temporary. In time, society will slide back into the original problematic arrangement of gender and cultural norms. 


In a world of  racial and gender stereotypes change can occur only if we delve into the underlying patterns


We need only to look at the humble spark-plug in a Ferrari to know if it is not working properly, if this aspect is neglected, the engine will not function at optimum level and the car will break-down. The mechanics of a society are no different, we must care for the most humble and vulnerable part for it to perform at its peak level.


This is why caring for the individual is so important: it is why each of us matter. It is how we transform the structure through new ways of thinking and acting.  By unleashing the wisdom of each child, caregiver, or business person we discover the possibilities that lie buried, that affects the consciousness of the whole planet: wisdom and knowledge that is found through compassion in our actions and diversity in our collective knowledge. It is why we all matter.


'The Female Effect’ is about valuing each member of the community for their input to the working of the whole: that we can rest within the metamorphosis that lies within the intelligence and limitlessness of a connected humanity.


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