Kay Urlich

Founder of The Structure of Energy Healing, the Peace Through Compassion project, and the SAFY: Self Awareness for Youth new thought youth suicide-prevention programme

In the late ’80s, Kay was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. After 2years western medical treatment and some improvement, she began travelling the globe exploring the deeper awareness found through the spirit of indigenous cultures and connecting with spiritual Gurus, Shamans and global healers. 

Kay returned to New Zealand where she put this knowledge into practice and began receiving the ancient wisdom of four energy fields and how ‘structure of form’ holds consciousness. She saw how the conflicting perspectives we hold become the source of our inner turmoil. Kay was shown how to transform the life-force and bring wholeness to the fractured soul. (Find out more in Books).

Kay writes and speaks about the super-power of energy fields and how they hold the universal consciousness that is love - that is available for all of us - and shows how we can use the same principles to heal our community and restore our environment. Kay demonstrates how the energy of our body, emotions, and mind are reflected globally by how we treat people who are different from us. 

Healing the planet begins with us. Book a Healing Session with Kay In-Person or On-Line. Through Self-healing, we affect the global fields and bring wellness to the earth (Find the energy field diagrams at Aotearoa Vision)

Kay writes and appears on radio and TV where her work has been described as extraordinary. Kay advocates for peace through the Peace Through Compassion network and the Aotearoa Vision: by 'doing love' in our lives we bring forth the evidence of the healing power of our awakening Self-Consciousness. 


Michael Rafael Vujnovich

PTC Projects, Partnership Projects Manager Tauranga City Council NZ 

Michael has vast experience as a former NGO for Child Fund NZ …