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  • Kay Urlich

"Those who love Peace must learn to organise as effectively as those who love War"

Martin Luther King

Excerpt from:

'Peace Through Compassion: I belong to love'  By Kay Urlich

The Purpose of PTC and Contacts





“The greatest enemy of knowledge is the illusion of knowledge.”

Stephen Hawking


A few of my more cautious friends have warned me against speaking so freely about some of my experiences because I sound too ‘out there.’  I have not taken their advice.  Granted, some of the material in this book will be a bit of a stretch for many people.  However, that is not a good enough reason to hide what I know. Furthermore, despite the global horror and disasters occurring, many more people understand that there are alternatives to conflict; that a non-violent world is possible.

But...” my cautious friends persist, “ can you say that!  When things are getting worse, and there is no evidence of anything getting better?”

“Not correct...” is my response as I add: “...proof of a more peaceful world is happening in every moment.  Solutions are everywhere.”

I have come to the conclusion that the reason people cannot comprehend the possibility of peace is because the answers have not come as society expects, from political think-tanks or G20 forums.  It feels as if the search for peace has gone on forever and has been so disastrous, that we must look to solutions elsewhere: in fact, as many other people realise we must find the answers ourselves.  I believe we can do this – that this is entirely possible - but to achieve it, we must look into our own hearts and share knowledge.

I own my words, and I am sharing my experiences.  This is why I have written this book and started a petition.  Because in a world dominated by the noise and turmoil of politics and war, if we want peace, then we must be seen to want it: the reason being that if we don’t Stand for Love, who will?


I know peace can be accomplished because when we humans think differently, we bring forth answers that were previously unimaginable.


What would people one hundred years ago have thought about going to the moon, or TV, and the internet; about the amount of technical progress made – and yet sadly, still, no peace? That the seemingly fantastic and improbable has been brought to fruition in some ways but not in others?

Yes, some of my experiences may seem implausible.  But as I have seen we live in a world of miraculous opportunity limited only by our own minds. I have experienced amazing, beautiful, out-of-this-world things, which proved to me that peace is not only possible, but that love is our most natural state.  

And this is why - despite the problems - I created the Peace Through Compassion website at  and the Petition to stand up for the ‘Evidence of Peace.’  To show there is an abundance of generosity, grace, and unity between us, just waiting to connect. 

We all have something to contribute to humanity.  I am asking you to share your skills and knowledge and rise above the limitations of the more rational or conservative mind: to stay open to the endless options th­­at are ‘out there.’  

To my doubting friends I say, “Do not be afraid - join me!  Become part of the revolution that is multiplying the evidence of what can be accomplished when the mind is set free.”



What is Reality?

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

T. S. Elliot


I love hearing stories about other realities and universes.  Some people tell of hovering over their bodies on an operating table, watching as doctors and nurses rush around trying to save their lives.  Others recall going through a tunnel of bright white light and meeting relatives and loved ones who had passed on.  Most of these happenings come from people who have undergone near-death events, where they have had an accident or life-threatening illness, and they die for a time. They experience spectacular occasions and then they come back.

My fantastic journey was a bit like that. However, I did not die, nor was I being operated on.  I was completely conscious, awake and in my body.  The main thing we have in common is that while we loved the experience, we were all sent back.

For me, it started one morning when I woke up feeling particularly bright and happy. I got out of bed and went on with my day.  Then, later in the morning, while sitting on my bed preoccupied with thoughts, I felt a slight movement on my arm.  I was by myself so, thinking it was an insect, I shook my arm casually and assumed it would go away.

A moment later, still not taking much notice, I realised that the feeling had not gone; it had, in fact, intensified. Suddenly this sensation had my complete attention. Not only was something still touching my arm, but it was connecting more powerfully all over my body.  It now felt as though I was caught in a downpour and was being pummelled by rain.  

To see what could be coming at me with such force and yet be as gentle as a child's soft touch, I turned to find large golden drops falling all over the place.  How strange I thought – ‘I am awash in a monsoon of gold.’

The feeling was entirely physical, and yet it did not hurt.  What the heck was going on? Lifting my gaze, I found something as massive as the Sun had entered through the ceiling of my home and was filling my room with brilliant golden light.  It did not feel hot, nor was it sizzling me to a crisp.  It was suspended, like a giant molten egg in a cup and pouring tender love onto me.

I was immersed in its shimmering tide that was drifting in and out and through the whole of me.

I stayed for a while, enveloped in its dazzling sway, when suddenly I found I had been transported timelessly out of my body and into its vast twenty-two carat golden field.  I was now above the Earth, encased in its essence.

There was no fear or panic.  There was only the intense and palpable vibration of love, and indescribable joy; it was more mesmerizing than I can describe. It was more breath-taking than the birth of my children.  The sight of it was more majestic than anything made by man, or any lover I had ever known.  It was more awe-inspiring than anything I could have imagined.

There I was suspended in a vast golden void with no other form or person visible, or any sign of technology.

Then, it was conveyed to my mind that: “This is Reality.”

This is Reality.  This intense vibration of Love is Reality.


'The time is always right to do what is right.'

Martin Luther King

The Purpose of Peace Through Compassion (PTC) is to Stand Up for Global Unity



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