Trauma And The 5 Powers of Consciousness.

  • Kay Urlich


Does past trauma disempower your best work and relationship efforts? Does it underlie your big or small regrets?

Know you are not alone.


Moreover, guilt and shame are the silent partners tracking millions of people through their day. Guilt and shame lurk under trauma in regrets, real or imagined, big or small which have the power to distract us from relationships and work commitments for the simple reason that guilt and shame do not exist solely in the past.  They are like a video tuned to full-blast which is prepared to activate at any moment and replay old traumas for the remainder of your life.


We are innovative beings. People have created great works of art, medicine, and architecture such as the famous Mona Lisa painting, antibiotics like Penicillin or the magnificent tribute to love, the Taj Mahal. 

Conversely, as we know, imaginative minds have their dark side.


Having a dark side means that as much as we can discover the great and beautiful equally we can catastrophize the brutal and ugly. Our minds have the ability to create devastation by turning traumatic memories into soul-destroying actions. And it is these feelings of hopelessness held in our energy fields which can lead to momentous pain and suffering. (Understand more about this concept in The Structure of Energy Healing)

After many years of deep introspection, I came to understand how most of my clients' regrets were driven by earlier traumas or even some of the reckless things they did as a teenager which left them feeling inadequate and unworthy. Additionally, they also experienced profound guilt for minor teenage fumblings.

Energy is physics and as the saying goes  – if there is empty space then something will fill it. And shame often fills the void left within our psyche with stories of who we think we are and demonstrates how we stand up or care for ourselves. I too have memories of times when I have not stood up or cared for myself and I have come to understand both in my own life and in the lives of my clients that it is from this point of minor transgression that the negative or wounded aspects of the personality can take over.


In addition, it is not only the things done to others that make people feel guilty but the despair they feel at falling short of their often self-imposed expectations.


Even a small collapse found in the structure of the unconscious mind, if unattended to, can develop into larger traumatic events.

The good news is that this is also the same place where we can breakthrough in healing the human psyche by uncovering and releasing the stories held in the unconscious mind. (Contact us to find out more about our Suicide Awareness Clinic opening soon) These traumas appear to me similar to the stories we know so well from myth and legend

The structure of energy fields in our unconscious is filled with our creations; it is where we find the myth-like creatures that inhabit the hollows of the energetic personality and it is these forms that drive our unconscious behavior (read more about this in Soul-Mate or Soul-Inmate)


It is for each of us to understand that we are not our personality - that the personality is the false self that replaces our life-force through the void left within us. This happens when the positive and negative fields of the energy within our consciousness are out of balance.


Tick off your strongest and/or weakest traits 


Each of the following feelings and personality types is a creation found in one of the fields that is supported in active or passive ways throughout the structure of the other fields.


In a world where people are disassociated from their inner-self, society pretends to be shocked at the exploits of the creative self and like clockwork tries to pursue simple answers to explain the complex structures of the personal and societal problems we are seeing.

Another murder, another child dies at the hands of its caregivers. “How and why did this happen?”  the news screams at us daily. And money is thrown at the bottom of the cliff to heal the surface of generations of internal grief.


It is helpful in that moment before you go to take the next drug, cigarette, drink or shopping spree to stop for a moment and recall the thoughts you were having that prompted the need to feed the despair that drives the addiction.


What was it? What tape was running in your mind?

Was it that you thought and felt you were,


  • Lazy at school?
  • Stupid in your work?
  • A loser in relationships?
  • A hopeless case?
  • What else can you think of? Write the thoughts down to understand first what you say to yourself about who or what you think you are.


Lack of purpose and feelings of unworthiness are the underlying causes of despair, addiction, and suicide where expelling ones’ self from one's own life can seem to be the only solution.


  1. First, to heal society, we must help children to understand themselves as perfect beings existing in generations of traumatic family patterns: this must be the focus of society's attention. That each child understands there is no shame in making mistakes.  We must impress on them that they are loved and valued no matter what - we must guide them to self-love, self-value, and inner-purpose. Adults too, need to be accepted and understood for themselves no matter their age and experience.
  2. Secondly, know that shame and despair are expressions of the false self,  the dark ‘personality’ that has developed through life experience. The personality is not what you are. What you are is greater than that
  3. Thirdly, the truth is that you are not lost or empty inside. You are always seen and always loved- like the sun hidden behind clouds your light is always there. The Spark of You is always seen and understood.  
  4. Forth, if you are lying in darkness and despair, at this moment allow space for the Consciousness that is loving you - the light that is reaching out to you in every moment.  Allow it in – receive and breathe and know you are wonderful.
  5. Fifth, no matter who you think you are, what there is to know is that you are consciousness and consciousness needs nothing but to know it is Love. And knowing Love is your purpose.


Gently remember that diamonds are created under the most intense pressure.

In the darkness, the brightest light shines: they are the moments of ultimate reality that bring the greatest insight and understanding that the human mind can comprehend.



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