Trump The Destroyer And Why The Right To Choose Matters

  • Kay Urlich

Part 1 of a 2 part series.

With Trump and COVID how safe do you feel right now?


During the COVID 19 lock-down, the evidence of turmoil has hit our body, mind, and emotions.  Lockdown has affected most pockets where the concern is not only for ourselves and our families but for the wellbeing of the whole planet.


Along with that, you may have witnessed personally or on TV the Black Lives Matter marches and Hong Kong demonstrations or the bombing disaster in Lebanon.  You may even continue to question whether George Bush planned the twin Tower disaster or more recently whether Donald Trump really did order the army to go deep into underground tunnels to rescue sexually abused babies and children?


With the amount of technical progress available, much of it unfathomable in its sophistication, and with prolific misinformation, you might well ask if you can believe your own eyes and ears?


The difficulty now is how to tell the good guys from the bad guys, and vice versa. And what does that even mean in relation to the history of the last few hundred years where citizens were subject to political ideologies and revolutions designed to “transform” society?

To make it worse, we live amidst information coming from not only governments and corporations but conspiracy theorists which impact our minds and screw with our emotions making it difficult to discern truth and trust from fiction and manipulation.

It’s not like the good old days when the answers came in black or white; today it’s hard to know the difference because there are so many grey areas.


For instance, during the Chinese and Russian Revolutions, the starving abused peasants knew who the bad guys were and they rose to destroy the ruling elite… back then discernment was easy.


History shows how expectation didn’t turn out so well as the various charismatic people who formed political parties gained power, but, then, they became as callous and brutal as those they had deposed.


The reason is that they fell into the same dominant patterns as the old regime; they had to, to maintain their hold on power. To hold on to the power they had fought so hard for they began repeating the same corruptions and terrors of the rulers they had deposed: They began to rule through fear.


Though many struggled to banish the evil dictatorships they fell into the same corruptive system, and the freedoms they promised became impossible to deliver.

After all that effort it became clear there was no noticeable change in peoples' gender and racial awareness.


It meant that the actions taken came from the same old unconscious, fearful system.  That of entitlement, intolerance and control of ideas and people who were different.

Their ideals slipped back into the same energetic pattern. Where the consciousness of the ideology had meant that leadership represented a change in the form at the head of the beast.

Not so in New Zealand (NZ) as the government led by Jacinda Ardern is making the change to the consciousness of the planet.

NZ, until the time of writing, led the world in CORONA virus management:

Many people Trusted the decisions made because they were established collectively through kindness and love.


Even so, political parties are rising to challenge the status quo. 

One example is Billy Te Kahika a charismatic guitar player in New Zealand who formed the New Zealand Peoples Party with the promise of ‘power to the people' and an end to Jacinda's 'globalist agenda.’ (NZPP) Before even registering as a political party had trouble creating coherent policies (more on this later).

Dissent is occurring because many people do not understand the difference between socialism, communism, and goodwill management.

Similar to Trump, where policies such as building a wall and getting peoples jobs back have gone astray. And yet the people listened even though the signs were there that he was a corrupt womanizing sociopath, who would come to rip little children from their mothers and put them in cages, they voted.


Despite Trump's faults, many believe him to be a saviour of the planet.

And in a backward way, I have come to understand how he has played a leading role in transforming society.


My understanding grew when I stopped seeing him as a “President” who would make the world a safer place.

After all, that is what we expect presidents to do, don't we? 

I realized that was my expectation, but I soon understood that it was not his job. I came to see Trump’s purpose was different,

he was to be the Destroyer of Systems


What the #MeToo revolution, Trump and COVID have demonstrated over the last few years is how powerful men control society through the insidious power of Patriarchy.

 And perhaps we should celebrate.

Because Trump, along with COVID 19 played ‘Devils Advocate by inadvertently breaking down this system


#MeToo, Trump and COVID 19 has done what no amount of global ‘do-gooding’ could do.


Because no amount of do-gooding or money could expose the problems of Patriarchy in creating and controlling the outcome of rape, domestic violence, pedophilia, and human trafficking, like #MeToo, Trump and COVID have done.

Because rape, domestic abuse, violence, pedophilia and human trafficking are now exposed for what they are, big earners tied into the global financial system.

How ironic is it that, we are going through a period of the blind leading the blind where Trump and COVID, are dismantling the old world order right before our eyes.


In this, we have the unprecedented opportunity to change the structure of the planet; to end racism and misogyny in every community not only America but throughout the world.  (Read more how this is done in Part 2.)


The human problems and catastrophic cruelties could not end without first understanding the cause. 

The rape of children and the environment and corruption of natural resources takes place with impunity as business shamelessly scars the landscape and pollutes the waterways, destroy forests and cultural habitats all in the name of profit because hey, why not, since the perpetrators are seldom held accountable ...  why would they be, when it is they who own and control the system!

So industry can continue with brutal farming methods and a cruel medical industry that pumps poisons into people, land, and products in the name of health… so what, they say, who cares.


But in NZ we have witnessed many times such as the shooting in Christchurch and during the lockdown, that people can unite with a higher purpose in mind than simply meeting their wants, needs and succumbing to greed.


We have demonstrated we don’t need much of the technology we’ve been told we needed. We know that humans only need to step aside to see how Nature can heal itself. That when the rivers and forests have a chance to heal they can clear themselves of pollution, and how in the quietude of humans locked-down in their houses the animals feel safe enough to come out of their hiding.


During lock-down we witnessed dolphins swimming in riverways that were once polluted and Manatee floating safely in the ocean when boats were forbidden to speed through the area and scour the skin off their backs.

We watched how children benefited too as they sat with parents and siblings and had dinners with a whole family present - in some cases for the first time as parents had often work different hours.


Tragically, there was a downside, domestic violence increased, suicide increased because lockdown also exposed the underbelly of the dark Patriarchal system where stress and poverty also increased for most workers. After all, the monetary system is not designed for human and animal welfare.

Image Jordan Engel

But this did not bother the giants of industry, they laughed all the way to the bank as their profits magnified – it was alarming for many people to find that making a profit is the sole purpose of the monetary system, to increase their wealth, that’s all.


What they know is that human misery creates extraordinary profit.


The evidence unfolding globally is that the biggest problem is not which Conspiracy Theory is correct or how the impending One World Order is taking over.

It is about seeing what is right in front of our eyes; it is looking at who is winning and where the wealth and power go in this structure of 1% privilege and 99% despair.

It may not surprise you that I say the problem remains with an old power structure that is supported and held in place by the global Military-Industrial Complex.


The illustration shows the dominant hierarchy of power on the news nightly, right in front of our eyes and yet many are too stressed to see the Emporers who have no clothes.  

The creation of war and conflict since WW2 has not eased, and the horrific murder of millions of Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies, Slavs, the sadistic experiments and people have claimed to not know of or the doctors and scientist who at the end of the war were sneaked into safe havens in the USA and South America to work for the Military-Industrial Complex.


After WW2 they said the lesson humans needed to know that love was better than war:

but what did it teach us, where and how did the Patriarchal hierarchy change?


Since WW2 and the cowardly bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there has been the disinformation and conspiracies by governments to manipulate people through the media and now Social Media to increase the savage stampede of weaponry for political and corporate gain.

This is for more power so the Military-Industrial Complex can annihilate the dissenting warlords and cultures who will not open their lands to oil pipelines or mineral and diamond mining, which destroys the cultures of these countries. As has happened in Africa whose communities have been devastated and its people are now invading Europe. And why not when the English the Europeans and now the Americans drain the African land and its wealth for themselves.

WW2, the war to end all wars the people were told.

So, how many wars have there been since WW2? There was Vietnam, Korea, Syria …..Lybia, and much more where the returning veteran soldiers cannot get compensated for the loss of limbs, PTSD, and their ruined lives. 


How are people led again and again to sacrifice themselves to war?


I would like to quote the following excerpt from Rebecca West in her book Black Lamb Grey Falcon where she talks about the disaster of German obedience that led to the horrors of WW2

“…since the Industrial Revolution capitalism has grooved society with a number of deep slots along which most human beings can roll smoothly to a fixed destination. When a man takes charge of a factory the factory takes charge of him, if he opens an office it falls into place in a network that exists over the whole world and so long as he obeys the general trend he will not meet any obvious disaster: but he may be unable to meet the calls that daily life outside his specialist area makes on judgement and initiative…”

When we look at the ‘stunning new theories’ that abound you find they are not a lot different in essence. If you look back in history, then Marxism, Socialism, Capitalism. Catholicism or any other ‘ism you care to mention all began with charismatic men, who brought new thought, glamour, and ideas that were going to change the world and help you regain your sovereignty.


But all they did was chop the head off one bad idea and place it on top of the old world order and the structure of male-entitlement.

So don’t be fooled by the rebranding taking place.


 ..... one of the far right's current strategies is to actively rebrand themselves as spiritual teachers or "new paradigm influencers." Some of those right-wing "new paradigm influencers" around today share some of the same beliefs as the fascists and Nazis from the 1920s and '30s but use a cover identity as new thought teachers, spiritual teachers, coaches and new paradigm influencers to forward their agenda and get ingress in leftist and alternative culture circles. Source Unknown


The battles we see now for control of your mind may not change the world – what they will do is rearrange the orchestra and keep playing the same old song

Billy Te Kahika and the NZ Peoples Party are no different. It is branded as a freedom party by the people for the people but it soon becomes apparent that there is a structure of Male Entitlement taking place where the same misogynist and racist issues continue in a different form.

And while I talk about a structure of male entitlement few males benefit from this structure.


Misogyny is apparent in the NZPP and the following excerpt is taken from its policy.

We at New Zealand Public Party do not support abortion but recognise this as a ‘right to choose’ issue,

Sorry, Billy, you can’t have both: You can’t ‘not support abortion’ and also say that (women?) have a ‘right to choose’.

But wait there’s more in the same paragraph it talks about contraception, the use of fetal tissue and organ harvesting, where,

We at NZPP,

  • do not support abortion
  • but recognise it as a right to choose
  • are against using abortion as a method of contraception
  • and as a means to justify the killing of babies for fetal tissue and organ harvesting

Which is it, Billy?

Aside from what is said here is that you, Billy, like Destiny Church, the Republican Party, and all Christian Right organisations, have the right to control women's bodies.

Make no mistake, abortion is not about caring for the right to life or about the lives of babies. Because all systems that control the birth process are seldom caring for the woman or the baby after its birth.

These are the same people who have no qualms about your child going hungry or if you have poor housing after birth. It is more likely they will cut your income, defund a school program or send your child to fight a bloody war.

Make no mistake, abortion is about controlling women and the WomanWorld quadrant.


As we have witnessed, when women, indigenous cultures and the natural environment is valued change occurs.

Until society values women and children and cares for them abortion will be used as a weapon to maintain and control the status quo.


In the lower-left patriarchal system, desperate workers can be denied a living wage, women and children can be raped and brutalized with impunity, children can be abducted and the law will not care. Trafficked children will be treated as prostitutes and men and women can be sent to war without fear of accountability or reprisal to the perpetrators.

The Military-Industrial Complex is the umbrella for the safety not of you and your children, but for corrupt business, religious, and political Masters-of-the-Universe to run a moke with corporate trinkets for consumers. By keeping you underpaid and in desperate circumstances you and your family can be exploited for profit and endless fodder to fight their power-for-oil-and-diamond-wars.

And yet you now have the chance to decide the status quo, to see which way the world goes.

Because, until that happens and our actions change from self-entitlement and greed into alignment and community wellness we cannot heal ourselves or the planet from the old system.  


Unless you witness change and balance - empowerment - to the whole system the only thing that will change is that you will have a new world master.


Trump is a destroyer. And during his tenure, we have witnessed the power of darkness as it is held by powerful men. Take any business to its core and the same structure will apply.

Well done, Trumps has done his job, by destroying a corrupt system. His time is nearly over.

It means that we must look with fresh eyes to seek out the builders of a new system.

It means we have the perfect opportunity to change the status quo of our financial and social structures; to move society from a sociopaths paradise to one of kindness and love.

We can encourage a truly self-inspired society where children, the vulnerable, and the environment truly matter and are the main priority. That to protect the living energies we must find those who can draw the polarities of this world into one force to love and protect all our babies the born and unborn.

A place where all babies matter, all the time.


Go forward in awareness with eyes wide open, read Part 2, out now. 


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