Sexual Abuse: Imagine 117.568 Terrorist Attacks in ONE year!

  • Kay Urlich


Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence ignorers, and Donald Trump supporters need to ask why is so much time and effort going toward terrorism.

Imagine if there were 117,568 terrorists convicted each year: would the world be a safer place?  This number is not for the amount of ‘attacks’ committed - only the number of ‘convictions.’  Just think of the fear that would be generated by these figures and the vast reserves of political will, financing, and energy that would go into:

  • Arming the military
  • Billions of dollars for investment in security
  • Protection at airports and discussions of putting up walls
  • 24/7 Surveillance

But, what if I was not actually talking about terrorists?

What if I am talking about the number of convictions for assaults directed toward women and girls for one year in Britain?  Does that change the way you think about security for those who are suffering from violence?  Remember, this is not for the actual amount of violence that’s occurring  – but only the number of convictions.

117.568 is just the 'tip of the iceberg' for one small country.  This figure doesn’t include the USA, Canada, South America, Australia, Europe, China, India, etc.  Nor does it include places like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan who don’t even pretend to protect women and girls – or boys, for that matter.

Domestic Violence reports that:

  • Every 9 seconds in the USA a woman is assaulted or beaten
  • Around the world, at least one in three women have been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused during her lifetime. Most of the abusers is a member of her family
  • Studies show that up to 10 million children witness some form of domestic violence annually 

Owen Jones wrote in ‘The Guardian’, “Not all men commit abuse against women and girls. But all men must condemn it.”  The failure to speak out, renders all men complicit in maintaining the status quo.

Just imagine if we had that level of silence around the brutality that is committed by terrorists.

Any form of violence against women and children, like ‘police quotas’ is vile and unacceptable on every level, and there must be more resources put into protecting those who are vulnerable in society. If not, we must ask why not? We must keep asking “why is there so little protection for those who are most at risk – in any situation?”



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