Activating The Self Less Travelled

  • Kay Urlich



When I say, “that’s impossible”, I fall into the trap of thinking that “I”, my thoughts and words, have no value or power.
Now, I’m not entering the latest medical debates here because they’re too contentious but what I’ve learned over time is that science has come up with amazing life-saving medicines but it has also brutalized people in the name of progress.

I learned that I, and people, become stuck in fixed ways of thinking where it is impossible to discover other outcomes.

As we know, when faced with impossible choices people are forced to think outside the box and in so doing create solutions to troubles that were once insurmountable.

It seems to me that we are at a place now where the old structures are collapsing and it is time to determine some new answers to the lives we want and the state of the planet we want to live in, keeping in mind that we have the opportunity to create a world that was once seen to be impossible.


How many guards who were "just following orders" in concentrations camps, in hindsight, would have done things differently?

We will never know. But we can choose a different path when we decide to roam beyond the set patterns or by pulling ourselves out of stuck energy fields?

In MEN: Are They The Biggest Problem In The World: Is The Planet Suffering Testosterone Overload? I quote, after WW2 and one of the most brutal regimes in history, how Norbert Ehrenfreund, in the ‘The Nuremberg Legacy' asks:

“How could so few people persuade, organize, and abet these atrocities?  How could a cultured nation, so rich in music, literature, and science – the land of Beethoven, Bach and Brahms, the birthplace of Goethe and Schiller – how could it have produced leaders so barbaric?”

It struck Ehrenfreund to further enquire: “Who am I?   am of the same species - the human race.  Is there a beast in me too?  Am I capable of the same atrocities?  Are we all?”

And we will never know what we would do until faced with such horrendous choices. I quote Dame Rebecca West, author of Black Swan Grey Falcon who determined that compliance to hierarchy was the biggest factor in the German people following the barbaric rules of the day.

Equally, we don’t know the possibilities and solutions to be discovered until we are pushed, or we choose to push ourselves beyond the barriers we face.

So, why wait for hindsight? Not only for ourselves, but the decisions we make will have a great bearing on future generations. So consider what matters most; to limit ourselves to the safety of what we know now or to understand the possibilities at play and then move into the freedom of a whole and connected body, mind, and spirit where we make better choices.

Check the illustration below: which patterns of energy am I stuck in?

Learn to activate all energy and have it work for you. Why not activate those that work in your best interest to honor and support the parts of you that speak freely, those brave, compassionate, parts that step forward courageously for our own and other people’s best interest and the welfare of the community while enriching the planet's highest good.

First Published Sibyl Magazine




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