We are OneHeart 

Promoting the Ways of Resolution and Peace 

Through Integrity to Gender, Racial, and Financial Justice

in Self - Relationships - Society - Business - Animal Welfare – Environment

*Aotearoa: Land of the Long White Cloud


Do not be frozen with horror at the state of the world – a paradigm of endless conflict, heartless animal and child cruelty, unconscionable acts of brutality to people and the environment. You can do something about it; you can measure your own awareness and that of the company around you to understand and then support the changes taking place!


Tick your strongest PERSONAL traits.

Because personal awareness translates to social healing and greater knowledge.


With this in mind, despite the paradigm of organized economic scarcity, we have created a ‘conscious global vision.’ With the intent of promoting the leaders and contributors of human, animal, and environmental well-being and compassionate governance. 

For too long, there has been unprecedented and unsustainable financial violence committed where individuals, communities, and the environment suffered. We aim to change this by transforming personal growth into community growth to bring to the forefront allied humanity committed to implementing sustainable, social and business systems.

But to do this we must first understand the 'energetic cause' that create the problems. Such as the 'Trickle-Down' economics which is a system that benefits only a few at the top of the triangle. (Read more about the dynamics of personal, social and environmental factors. Go to PTC Books)



 Divided We Fall



You, the citizen have the power to make or break crooked thinking and put an end to dirty corporate policies and greed: to effect this vision while implementing pragmatic solutions through more caring and philanthropic governance

Individuals and environments matter: with greater community awareness we are encouraging new political and business standards of conduct to end corruption, and ask you to celebrate with us those companies and political parties who work with the Aotearoa Vision. To promote them as the new face of leadership in your community (no matter where you live) and throughout the world. And we begin by rebuilding New Zealand's record of diversity through gender and racial equality and multiculturalism as we work to take ‘Altruism’ to the pole position in global humanitarian affairs.

We know we can do it, we have done it before where 


  • Auckland, NZ has the largest Pacific Island community in the world
  • More than 200 ethnicities, 160 languages,
  • We have three primary languages: English, Te Reo/Maori, Sign for the deaf
  • The first openly transsexual Mayor and Member of Parliament
  • We remain Nuclear Free
  • NZ women were first in the world to gain the right to vote
  • Our third female Prime Minister who engages in conscious partnership


We hold a united,  evolving global vision to support groups in all countries form a mandate of core values that hold steadfast for the wellbeing of future generations and the planet: that they are safe from the whims of corporate and political influence and greed. Thus ensuring a secure future for those to come.

Significant advances are occurring in medicine and technology, and we foresee a bright future where science merges with personal growth to promote and develop children's values, and interests. Through this, we engage and prepare young people with the purpose to expand their hearts and minds to implement love, kindness, and prosperity in their communities which is paramount. It is about making distinctions.


Tick your SOCIETY'S strongest traits?



Society reflects the choices we have made. So, no matter where you live or your political views challenge the global paradigm of inhumanity. Join us in implementing a united conscious force to uphold the mental and emotional well-being of the people in your society to support the individual and their Human Rights.


CLICK HERE to understand how Energy Fields affect You and the Planet


Unite through the Aotearoa Vision and support the  One-Heart policy: stand up for the evidence of inspired gender, cultural, animal, and environmental advancement. We ask you to 'raise the bar' by endorsing the more humane action in your life and community.  We cannot do it without you! Donate Here to support the vision.

Q: What is the most significant Trend in Wealth Management?
A: Altruism

What we do today matters for tomorrow!


(*Maori Dictionary: Aotearoa 1. (Location) North Island - now used as Maori name for New Zealand)


Aotearoa Vision Peace Award Recipients


2019 With OneHeart Consciousness we present the Muslim Community of New Zealand with the Aotearoa Vision Peace Award

  2018 We announce the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as the first Aotearoa Vision Award recipient: Read Here

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