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Part 2/2 SAFY: The Global Energy Matrix

Part 1/2 SAFY: Self Awareness for Youth 


This is not just about you the whole planet is going through an unprecedented energetic paradigm shift.

This is why it is important now to understand it is not just about your personal situation it is also about navigating the global tides you swim in.



We live in extraordinary times of Covid-19: normally, if you are feeling depressed, it pays to understand that it is not you who has the problem: it is ‘little you’, the part that is screaming to get out of the cave it is locked into, or the concrete and clay bindings it cannot break free from as spiraling thoughts endlessly repeat, and now the deep ocean you swim in while gasping for breath.

At this time of global uncertainty people and relationships suffer when jobs are lost, businesses go bankrupt and society is under collective social stress.

So, no matter the issue you are dealing with, or how you see the world – whether you worry about yourself, your relationship, global warming, the global banking cabal, or the Illuminati – no matter your deepest fear, energetically, we are all being pushed into extreme overdrive.


Not only that but we remain bound to the needy child energies locked inside that are usually suppressed deep in our unconscious mind.

Unless you are a divine Realized Being, you will feel the worry as it arises as thoughts come forward crying and distressed under the strain of living in this world.


Without explanation, emotions come and just as mysteriously they go. At other times they appear out of nowhere and stay.  That is when anxiety and depression hitch themselves to your psyche and you find yourself in trouble: how do you find your way out? How, no matter the perceived cause, do you release the fear and distress you feel?

Many don’t.

Like most of us, Brian had days like that, that didn’t go well and made him wonder what the hell he was here for, what was the point of it all?

Three weeks after Todd and Brian finalized the plans for their new business, Brian, the man who had everything, killed himself.

Todd is one of the people feeling guilty about Brian's death, along with Brian’s wife, mother, father, two sisters and friends all of whom did not know the depth of his despair: of the man who had everything to live for.

When I asked Todd how he was coping with the loss, he started crying and said, “He just wasn’t himself. He had withdrawn and whenever I’d ask what was wrong he’d say, ‘I’m okay mate’ but obviously, he wasn’t, because now he’s dead.”

Todd recalled how they’d had a great relationship and how he had teased his friend often about how he could feel his emotions a bit more. Brian’s wife has also tried to open him up to consider many aspects of his life: his body, mind, and spirit. To think about how they fit into planning their life together. (Find out more read Soul Mate or Soul Inmate?)

But, unable to access the most tender aspect of his energy field, the man who had everything was gone. (Read The Structure of Energy Fields)

In an article 26/08/2019 by Sophie Bateman and Anna Bracewell-Worrall tell us that New Zealand's suicide rates increased in the last year: 685 people took their own lives - 17 more than the previous year.

  • In the year 2017 - 2018, the suicide rate was 13.67 deaths per 100,000 people. That's since increased to 13.93 in 2018 - 2019.

These statistics already show a sharp rise in the number of suicides.

  • The youth suicide rate is also up, particularly in the 15 - 19 age range, with 20 more deaths by suicide than the year before.
  • Eighty-four young New Zealanders between the ages of 10 and 19 died by suicide in the 2018 - 2019 period.
  • Eleven were under the age of 15.
  • Ninety-one Kiwis aged 20 - 24 died by suicide, 15 more than the previous year.
  • There was also an increase in the suicide rate among Māori and Pacific people. The Māori suicide rate increased from 23.72 to 28.23 per 100,000 - there were 169 deaths in the 2018 - 2019 period, up from 142.
  • The Pacific suicide rate went from 7.77 to 11.49, from 23 to 34 deaths.
  • There was a drop in the European suicide rate, down from 13.94 (462 deaths) to 13.46 (446 deaths).


In these turbulent times, it is likely that the suicide rate will rise. The domestic violence rate is also likely to increase.


Those, who do not know about the energy fields they were cut-off from at birth, and the loss of consciousness that is the result of a life of disempowering those aspects, will miss out on the comfort of the self-nurturing, compassionate and empathetic qualities that would nourish the child within.

The qualities we lack mean it has become normal that the most common solution is to take prescribed medication.

And why not in time of extraordinary stress?

However, it pays to do so with caution as the reliance on global medicinal growth is expanding and yet the suicide rate is not receding.


Global spending on medicine continues to grow. As of 2018, approximately 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars had been spent on medicines, up from just 887 billion U.S. dollars in 2010. That number is expected to increase to 1.52 by the year 2023. Spending on medicines has increased everywhere globally. However, the United States takes the lead in total medicines spending globally and is expected to remain the top country for medicines spending through 2023.


This is also a most dangerous time for those who are housebound, and statistics show particularly for women and children, because the man they love may revert to the little boy who does not know how to meet his most tender needs and allows his hurt masculinity to take over; to attack himself or those closest and the most vulnerable. (Find out why, in Part One).

The social pressure to succeed when the world around you is collapsing is more than many people can bear. Most parents are doing the best they can, but the turmoil is rising and inequality forces parents to drive their children to succeed academically as this seems to be the only way out of the poverty quagmire.

Olga Mecking in an article from BBC Worklife comments that “European parents have historically been relaxed when it comes to raising children, but today more and more are adopting the kind of intensive parenting style common in the US,” and children are feeling the pressure.

Researcher and co-author of Love, Money, and Parenting: How Economics Explains the Way We Raise Our Kids, Matthias Doepke says, “ If inequality is very high… parents will assume a parenting style that is more intense and more success-oriented.”

One of the problems of ‘intense parenting’ Mecking says, is that it increases inequality which can take a toll on parents causing more stress particularly on mothers who are usually the main carers of child-related work.

Therefore more pressure to perform.

In a world of increasing disparity and high income only for some, many are unable to maintain their life since they are living with wages that will not cover their basic needs. This takes place against the background of a global structure of increasing greed, brutality, and inequality.  There are also problems of abuse that come with that: children are disheartened in a soulless world and do not want to participate in it.


Click Here to see the names-and-locations of the top 100 people killing the planet.

This comes about through a flaw in gender thinking (yes, gender, energy-field thinking) has been demonstrated by the Neoliberalist model that has scorched the Earth for over 30 years as it closed down business growth for many single farms, businesses, and killed off many small communities. 

Neoliberal Model

This happened because it is the most powerful among us who benefit from having a world of distressed youth, where the most tender aspect of humanity is pushed to the bottom of the global financial matrix. (Find out more at Books)

Young men are being pulled into the global hierarchy of the lower-left energy field that has power over other fields: that is power over women, races, cultures, and their children. This is done through global discord and unsustainable economics (Read A Path to Peace in the Middle East: An Aotearoa Vision)

So while it is men who hold the most wealth in the world, the status they receive is a false measure. 

For many suffer because of the PARADIGM we are changing from that gave corporations the power that is causing mass suicide around the world, not only on farms in India where Monsanto seeds were rendered incapable of regrowth but in homes around the world where life is looking so bleak for many young people that they have taken to harming themselves.


Why is this happening?

It is those people who activate the qualities of the lower-left field paradigm who own most of the world's wealth. It is they who receive the profit from the global banking system and companies like Monsanto and the arms industry.  This is the killing-field that drags all other fields into its web of lies and trauma, and to gain power, women activate this paradigm too (Read MEN: Are They The Biggest Problem In The World? is the planet suffering from testosterone overload?)

This happens because global energy fields work on the same principles as the personal energy fields in stressful times, where the strongest field takes over the whole system. 

To save the planet, it is important now to connect to the consciousness of all fields in the energy Matrix for without a whole energy structure all lifeforce will remain sucked into the lower-left field of action of hierarchy, competition, closed, logic, etc. as has happened before. 

Click here to TEST the tide you are swimming in.

The lower-left field is vital for technology, action, and innovation but for global health, the super-technology coming into force right now must align with the energy flowing from the nurturing, merciful and compassionate fields because they hold the life-force of planetary evolution and expansion (Read Path To Peace In the Middle East: An Aotearoa Vision).


The Aotearoa Vision and SAFY programs are based on relieving the fear and healing, the understanding that talking is not enough; talking is only one part of the healing process.

Humanity must understand that Love is not a weak, intangible feeling restricted to girls; to heal we must align to the dynamic Love force flowing through the universe that connects all of us throughout every aspect of our lives. 


How we educate, and the priorities we set for our children, how we foster the welfare of animals and the land and sea, is regulated by how much we resonate with this universal force. It is built up through the fields that hold the nurturing, and compassionate qualities for they are the connecting life-force to strengthen our spirit at this time.

Combining the wisdom of the body, mind, and spirit: it is about Self-Awareness that is flowing into the fields of nurturing and compassion that support you to ride the wave this planet is going through - or to leave, as is your choice, but always aware that you and I remain connected within the love vibration.


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