End Police Quotas!

  • Kay Urlich

"Those who love Peace must learn to organize effectively as those who love War."

Martin Luther-King


People all over the world dream of meeting their monthly job targets. Some sell more insurance, others list extra properties for the housing market. But, police in the US are required to ticket and arrest more people – and it just so happens that it’s mostly young black men who are apprehended.

The Huffington Post reported recently that when approaching their targets, police will be less likely to detain white occupants. Black or Hispanic are more apt to be cuffed, ticketed and arrested for minor infringements.

To be fair, I’m 99% sure that nobody, no matter their ethnicity, grows up dreaming of harassing and arresting people. I am just as convinced that children don’t imagine having a ‘criminal conviction.’ Most kids are doing the best they can, they'd rather be heroes: That's the dream isn't it, of why so many grow up wanting to be policemen or firemen?

In the words of Martin Luther-King, “I have a dream…”

So what happens to children's dreams?

The cause is most likely, that too many public service jobs are now ‘privatized.’ And once big money comes into the equation, just like in the housing crisis or the endless insurance debacles, human kindness gets squashed and replaced with ‘income-related’ targets. Work becomes all about filling job quotas for business hierarchies.

The trouble with ‘filling quotas for profit’ means that those who grew up dreaming of making a difference in the world have stopped meeting the needs of people. They are not doing the simple things like assisting those who are in need; they have stopped being kind to their neighbor and far too many citizens have suffered.

And it is low-income families who have suffered the most: those who cannot pay for legal defence, and their sons emerge from wrongful prison sentences bitter and angry at the society that put them there. Who can blame them? They suffer, their parents and partners agonize and their children and community pay the price: they all grieve the loss.

Isn’t it time to change the system, the global social paradigm, that condones and encourages any sort of bullying and ethnic targeting? Haven't too many innocent people been hurting for too long through injustice?  Many would agree that like Police Quotas all violence, whether it be racial, gender or financial battery, must stop!

Non-violent solutions are possible and are being brought forward by a new generation of compassionate and effective leadership … by those who Remember the Dream... 

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  • Terri Gasparich
  • 30 Aug 2016
  • 11:30 am

Hello Kay, excellent article! thank you!

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