SAFY: Self Awareness for Youth


The SAFY: Self Awareness for Youth program is a pioneering project designed to engage youth and tackle the growing suicide rate. We offer a successful format that improves mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Faced with alarming local and global statistics on suicide and domestic violence, which is known to be a mitigating factor in terrorism and global instability, we are addressing the underlying cause: If you are suffering and vulnerable to hurtful negative thoughts we can help you to understand and resolve your deepest most painful feelings.

The treatment involves gentle touch where I receive images from your subconscious mind. The energetic activity taking place adjusts your brain function to improve your health condition; brain function is validated by EEG monitoring as the process takes place.

The purpose of this work is to free people from the restrictions of childhood trauma and self-harm which can last a lifetime. Unless we resolve childhood issues they are known to be with us forever and to be a major factor in a lifetime of relationship problems and unhappiness.  



If you are diagnosed with a mental health condition, we would love to hear from you! Please text or email me about appearing in a ‘mental health solutions’ documentary Contact Us Here with your details.

Life is too short to be miserable.

The Structure of Energy Fields is a road map in understanding what makes you tick. It is about the forces that keep you locked into negative responses.

I’ve had depression and I know the difficulties faced when trying to tell people what's going on... You may not know why you feel the way you do, and that makes it even worse.


This energy healing system is different, it is not about you explaining how deserate and unhappy you feel and trying to get people to understand you, 

it is about how we can 'read' your energy and help you to understand yourself.



No matter the mental health diagnoses you have been given, as I touch you I receive images and words that explain what’s going on and why you feel the way you do: the healing I offer involves soothing contact where I gently massage your limbs (fully clothed) and as I do this the energy moves deep in your subconscious mind. 

The illustrations I gather tell a story that explains the issue you face. This happens through the energetic activity that has taken place inside your body, mind, and spirit. Meanwhile, the momentum of vitality that’s been created is moving through your system and it is fine-tuning your brain function to improve your wellbeing; the transformation of energy on brain function and consciousness is validated further by the EEG monitoring used during the process.

The benefit of this gentle work is to free you from the restrictions of childhood trauma which is known to be a major factor later in life in the high domestic violence and youth suicide rate.

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We improve mental health results through gentle healing methods, innovative research with a strong ethical structure.  

Click Here to understand how energy fields affect your Mental Health and to read about the Energy Healing Matrix

An instant is all it takes to plummet into childhood trauma: An instant to lurch into feelings of despair or addiction.
Help is at hand because I see beyond the feelings of unhappiness or inadequacy.
I “see” the old energy that blocks your potential.

When it comes to healing the body mind and spirit you need somebody who can dive deep below the surface of your mind to source the unconscious trauma.
That is what I do! Gently, easily.

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I will show you how your unconscious mind affects your life.
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Because it is important for you to know it’s not you that needs to change so much as it is your energy that needs to move!

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Find out how you impact on the world

Professor Richard Wrangham, Harvard University,
“Kay, Congratulations, I much admire efforts such as these to find positive and optimistic adjustments in our emotional and social worlds.”


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