Do You Need a Bang on the Head

  • Kay Urlich

Human beings are designed to adapt and mostly we do, or we don’t survive. However there are times in life when we need a little bang on the head (metaphorically speaking), for some awareness to get through our thoughtlessness, skepticism, laziness, and even as we get older, our stubborn belief in the power of our diminishing physical abilities.

A bang on the head could mean that your husband/wife leaves you - why weren’t you listening? You break your leg falling off your granddaughter's skateboard at your fiftieth birthday party – didn’t you notice – haven’t you realized that you’re not as young as you used to be?!

Whether we are aware of it or not there is a rise and decline within the structure of everything we do. And, whichever way you look at it if we had just stayed aware of the process we were in, whether it’s a relationship, aging, or traveling to an Ashram in India, we would realize much earlier that we’re heading for places we don’t really want to be – like a divorce court, a hospital emergency room or, a summer vacation in Calcutta.


We live in a world where doing nothing, or taking no notice of what’s going on around you, is also creating something.

For instance, with little awareness or thought about the matter of where I was going on my first flight to India, I wouldn’t have lazily agreed to land in Calcutta.

Landing in Calcutta was a jolt of massive proportions. I was shocked and upset by the poverty and scale of human misery I saw on my drive to the hotel.

Needless to say, when I arrived at my hotel I proceeded to read the guide book which said in effect ‘If it’s your first visit to India don’t go straight to Calcutta, go somewhere a little less daunting to acclimatize yourself to the culture.

Too late now, stuff it, seeing things I didn’t want to see!

When I went out of my hotel for the first time I was hit by the sensory overload as I walked through the steaming busy streets filled with diesel buses spewing fumes and toxins into the air. I was inhaling filth, curry, and incense, all of which stuck like glue to my lungs as they labored in the sticky, thick humidity.

Most shocking of all was stepping around people; families with little children living in cardboard boxes, along with the sick and the elderly, some of whom were clearly dying where they lay on the side of the road. Had I landed by mistake on an alien planet, or some crazy futuristic, horror movie, surely this wasn’t the same world that I live in, in clean beautiful New Zealand?

Contrary to that, I was both amazed and appalled at the ‘spirit that pervades Calcutta’. When speaking of the distress around me, and the spirit and acceptance of suffering, I heard many times from people like the hotel porter “Oh, don’t worry about them, it is their Karma to suffer and they accept that”

But is it really all about karma, and is karma all there is to it?

India is gaining one of the highest rates of millionaires per capita in the world, and yet a government spokesman said recently that there were only (only?) about ten million children in bonded work (hours approximately 5 am to 10 pm where they are fed occasionally and sleep on the floor where they work): whereas aid agencies say there are between 50 – 60 million children who are bound from when they are very tiny, into a life of virtual slavery.

The miserable, cruel exploitation and slavery of little children still play a big part in the Indian economy.

Some suggest that child labor is necessary to some extent, as child labor takes a large proportion of the ‘Economically Active’ population in developing countries. When the state of Andhra Pradesh reduced the number of child laborers by close to 300,000.[1] simultaneously it also saw the sharp decline in the state revenue, which emphasized the importance of child labor to the Indian economy. Source Wikipedia

I thought that in any society preventing the sale of a child into the labor force at three or four years of age was a no-brainer.

That helping the poor to receive aid, education, and assistance with work skills was a no-brainer.

That finding a need and helping people attain basic human rights is a no-brainer.


That people in power could change the rules to support the empowerment of women, that when women have equal power it is known to improve the economy of any culture and the welfare of children.

The hotel porter didn’t get that something was missing and that people could help other people. Moreover, that Indian society is missing a few steps in the process of karma and awareness around wealth distribution that has economic activity expecting little children to suffer so much.

But, India and the hotel porter are not alone in this belief, because the G20 (or G7) member nations don’t get the concept of female equality and fair value either.

A global poll recently released found that of the G20 countries, India is the most dangerous country for girls and women's rights, and Canada (though far from perfect), offers the most protection. Experts, including aid workers, academics, health professionals, journalists, and development experts, were asked to rank the countries on six categories - quality of health, freedom from violence, participation in politics, workplace opportunities, access to resources including education, and freedom from trafficking.

In an interview with Forbes, CEO of the Thompson Reuters Foundation and founder of TrustLaw, the group that conducted the survey, Monique Villa, said, "We think it's a pity that the appalling treatment of women in some of the G20 countries won't be discussed at the G20 summit in Mexico next week. Countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Russia and India, whose leaders will meet at Los Cabos, have international clout because of their economic potential but women are being left behind. These countries need to realize they can't develop effectively if they continue to marginalize their female populations."

And who runs the G20 summit? Men - husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons.

If you look at a map of the Structure of Energy fields in relation to child abuse, female infanticide, and the spirit of Indian culture, plus the G20 summit, you can see how the lack of value toward female energy fields contributes to a lack of compassion, empathy and empowerment toward women and children, and how this impacts on society.

So if your fighting to acknowledge the vulnerable, soft feelings in yourself, (and it’s not only men who are doing this), or ignoring the little woman in your life, starving and slapping vulnerable children, or ignoring the cause of global inequality you need to know that karma is at work and it will come back to bite you.


Mother Teresa saw what was missing and she worked with the dying to change their karmic patterns before their next rebirth.

Mother Teresa didn’t know anything about energy fields, but she knew which energy field traits were missing and causing despair for the people around her. Mother Teresa set out to make change - to do some nurturing in her world.

The Mayan calendar doesn’t mention energy fields, or a lack of female consciousness of empathy and compassion and the sharing of economic wealth; about how this brings a shift in global consciousness.

The Mayan Calendar is simply showing us that we are shifting from the Earth Male consciousness of self-interest, greed, and hierarchy, to the Spiritual female consciousness of compassion and empathy which holds our most divine spirit.

Moreover, the shift that is coming with the Mayan calendar that tells us the world will end on 22.12.2012 – this is the old world that we know so well – the one that is greedy and brutal …

Do we …… as human beings need a little bang on the head (metaphorically speaking), for some awareness to get through our thoughtlessness, skepticism, laziness, and even as we get older, our stubborn belief in the power of our diminishing physical abilities.

A bang on the head could mean that your husband/wife leaves you - why weren’t you listening? You break your leg falling off your granddaughter's skateboard at your fiftieth birthday party – why didn’t you notice - you’re not as young as you used to be?!.....

…… oh right, I’m repeating myself again!!


Without a conscious change in the physical, we will be preventing real progress in the spiritual; because lack of awareness here is repeating itself on many other levels, where real change in the spiritual world means full realization of our actions in the physical world.

The Mayan Calendar is about the end of patterns, an end of gender inequality, greed, and self-interest; so we will find the trip we go on - out there - much easier when we have traveled all the preparatory steps in our energy field map, because what you avoid in the physical through thoughtlessness, skepticism, laziness, and even as we get older, our stubborn belief in the power of diminishing physical abilities from your comfort zone you will meet on the way.

As we see with India, to have ‘a great spirit’, one does not necessarily or automatically mean you are supporting the other. Full awareness means staying aware in all moments sensitively, knowing that while you are here in this world you are creating on every level of your being, up or down or going sideways in your energy structure – you are creating endless possibilities within repeating cycles of energy patterns.

It is vital now to stay connected and ride out the change that is rising from all levels of physical consciousness. Change need not be a bang on the head or a cataclysmic event, (or COVID) it need not be difficult once you have discovered the links that not only create kindness to all things in this world but will access and hold your most delicate beingness in others.

Formerly published as The Mayan Prophecy and G20 Members


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