The Refugee: Is it Ever Too Late For Peace?

  • Kay Urlich

The Refugee

Here they come guns ablaze

The shootings been for days and days

For my boy child only seven

Death is all he knows of Heaven


This is my neighbor killing me

Destroying fields so he may see

Where we are still alive

Scrambling out we again survive


I yearn for life a simple way

To feed my children every day

But it’s not easy this I know

To find the peace where love can grow.


So I go about the land eating from anothers hand


I care not about mens fights

All that talk about their rights

Nothing has worked for so long

Who is right? Who is wrong?


Foolish pride is what I see

Egos large as can be

Foolish egos that's for sure

Spending money on a war

And that is just the cheapest part

I can’t count the loss of hearts


It is not the war I fight

It’s ignorance, cold numbing fright

People wanting to be right

­­When will they learn

What can I say

To make this big mess go away


So I go about the land eating from anothers hand


One child left she’s only five

Is she going to stay alive?

To grow up and see all this

God, my babies I will miss

And if she grows up what’s in store?

Bearing children to feed a war?


So it ploughs on down the line

Cutting through your heart and mine

Through generations

I don’t know how many

Into the future, if there is any


To the small ones, what’s this we say?

Teaching them to hate this way

Or is there more for them to know?

Within them now forgiveness sow

Into young lives compassion bring

Teach them love so they can sing


The time is now to start anew

A force of peace to blow right through

All emotion hurt and blame

The cause that feeds this bloody game


Serve no cause that breeds the hate

For some, I know this comes too late

But time is now to nurse no more

The grinding force that suckles war

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