The Resolution Room

  • Kay Urlich

What is it that caused the rise of Trump and inflames the tensions between environmental groups and big business?  There are many theories, and yet, the solutions put forward rarely solve the problem, and the peace that is found seldom lasts. Why is that?

We’ve listened to the rhetoric - ‘everybody matters,’ ‘no child left behind.’ You’ve no doubt heard it all before many times, and still, people suffer from poverty and unprecedented violence.

Why is it that half the population is paid less because of their gender, others suffer from ‘stop and frisk’ because of their color, and a whole nation will be put behind a wall to stop people seeking a better life? How is it that corporations have the ‘right’ to stomp over indigenous people’s rights and destroy the natural habitat?

You have probably been told to toughen up at least once in your life! Even peace advocates’ are advised to harden-up or risk being mocked for their kindness which is often misconstrued as weakness.

There once was a man called Dr. Spock, no, not the guy from Star Wars, but a ‘baby-expert’ popular in the 1960s and 70’s who instructed mothers to set up a strict regime to feed their child. He said “no” demand-feeding.

I experienced this idea a few days after the birth of my first baby when the nurses left him upset and crying: they isolated him so he would sleep. I could see he was tired but I also knew in my heart he was hungry and needed nurturing, so I fed him. This was viewed as a witless indulgence because “without discipline, the child would grow to become an insolent, ungrateful or even criminal adult,” (he didn’t). 

Women have been told for hundreds of years that their instincts are flawed and to spare the rod would spoil the child, and many of us judged ourselves as not good enough, and we judged other women too for their flawed thinking. But the critique didn’t stop with how we raised our children. We were told to do better in our relationships too. Again, my flaws flared like gasoline thrown on the fire as my efforts to “do better” in a dying marriage was deemed not enough by some experts. Again I winged-it by vying for equality, needless to say, my marriage ended in divorce.

However, the world is beginning to understand the wisdom of instinct and the power that is found in kindness and mutual respect. And that kindness may be the smartest thing of all.

If you look closely at the structure of human traits found within male and female, earth and human energy fields you find that under the bluster and action, that consideration and compassion are among the greatest powers on the planet. This is recognized more and more as COVID-19 wreaks havoc and female leaders while listening to science also trust their instincts to develop more nurturing solutions. The world is watching as their leadership shapes up to be most successful in fighting COVID which is demonstrated by the least deaths per capita.

This mind-set, or opening the heart-space, is moving us away from strict political and business theories where the broken-hearted were left alone to suffer. Knowing that what was once seen as the right way to raise children or to find peace was simply overpowering those who were weaker.

By activating a wider range of energy field traits we are less divided. Indigenous wisdom merges with modern methods to show there are many solutions to global problems. These are found through mutual respect and heart consciousness meaning that long-term answers are found deep in the resolution room of our mind.

Article first printed in Sibyl Magazine (minus images)


Recommended Reading The Metamorphosis of Humanity: The Female Effect

The Metamorphosis of Humanity: The Female Effect’ demonstrates why rights for the individual is a vital part of developing and enhancing human existence.

It is about a new understanding of the human structure. It is a system to measure any culture or commercial business and know what is lacking, whether it has the humane traits necessary for growth (or lack of them), financial abundance (or lack of it.) It will become immediately evident.

It isn’t about treating the symptoms of social destruction so much as enhancing and restoring the conditions essential for healthy lifestyles and communities. It is about human rights: women’s rights, indigenous rights, black lives matter, all peoples' rights including Muslims and Mexicans; it is about the change we can make as we survive in unsustainable corporate constructs.

This book will give you a consciousness of knowledge that is transparent and leaves no hiding place for treachery, where you can measure human awareness in local and professional environments.

VIDEO: Healing Relationships through Energy Fields 

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