Does Emptiness Mean Nothingness?

  • Kay Urlich

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What does Emptiness mean to you? Many people searching for “Enlightenment” are worried they will find themselves in a void of “nothingness.” And nothingness sounds like, well…, emptiness: like, life is over; that they will be terminated!

For many, emptiness is a terrifying thought, it means that who or what they are, will cease to exist.

Whereas, Buddhist’s speak of Emptiness differently,

‘“Emptiness teaches the lack of substantiality or independence of things, and stresses the idea of no independent origination, that the present state of all things is the result of a previous state.   Emptiness includes the teaching of impermanence; everything is always in a state of change.   In other words, everything, including every sentient being, is an ever-changing process…

 “You can’t step into the same river twice.  Why?   Because you and the river are constantly changing.   The river does not stay the same and neither do you.”

His Holiness the Dalai Lama refers to sunyata as “the knowledge of the ultimate reality of all objects, material and phenomenal.”   Sunyata explains that everything is interrelated, interdependent and is without substance or soul…

The reason for the Buddhist teaching of emptiness is to loosen all attachments to views, stories, and assumptions, leaving the mind empty of all greed, anger, and delusion; therefore empty of the suffering of stress, anxiety, frustration, and unsatisfactoriness.’ Excerpts from Buddhism Teacher


Could it be that the creator of all things, sent forth the essence of what we are, our soul (as some like to call it), to explore the nature of separation through energy? That Consciousness gave us free-will to rise and to fall, to be born and to die throughout Time and Space and through duality, we would understand what love is not.


With this in mind, layers of energy have merged and taken on form in the physical and non-physical realms. Lifetimes have been spent creating through the false-self, to the point, that we have lost sight of the fact that we are divine beings: sparks of the Creator. 


So, the thing is, as we drift away from our source it pays to ask – who do we think we are?


Who or what at do you identify as,

  • Male or female?
  • Black or white?
  • Old or young?
  • Rich or poor?
  • Superior or inferior?
  • Yin or Yang?
  • Dark or light
  • Day or night?
  • Persecutor or victim?

And is it possible to imagine not being that?

Is it possible to imagine being the very opposite of what we think we are? If we are male could we imagine being female etc.?


Could it be that in states of forgetfulness, we do not see that we are part of the whole of opposing energetic forms as they vie for control and mastery of our mind in the battle of dark and light?

These parts are seen predominately in male and female, physical and spiritual action showing Consciousness in both spirited and dispirited creations.

When energy is dispirited, it becomes distorted, expressing itself through only one quadrant which creates unbalanced forms of power control, and denial of autonomy to others. These distortions express themselves in power abuse and demand for submission which we can see in many personal and global relationships. Physical power is used to dominate other energies often without mercy.


The less understanding we have of our own energetic states, the more we try to control and use the energy of others even though the power we get is always temporary for it cannot fill the void that the lack of our own vitality has created. We can never truly be fulfilled by taking energy from others.


Although the victim/perpetrators of power-abuse see themselves as separate and often superior, they seldom see themselves as paranoid, instead, they usually feel justified in the action they take to control others.

Just as masculine energy lacking in empathy and compassionate action cannot connect to the divine inner child of wisdom, so too feminine energy cannot find lasting happiness or connect to the divine mother without acknowledging first her own consciousness, and through this force express love and compassion for all.

It is through the spirit of divine feminine energy in us that we nourish the ‘inner child of wisdom and purity, nourishing this child so that the divine masculine energy in us will truly know his power of wisdom and mercy.


The door to higher consciousness is accessed through the inner-child that resides within the male spiritual energy of every person. Unlocking this door can only be achieved by raising and aligning them through the right thought and action.


In this way a balance is attained, allowing the ‘state of the child’ to be valued, physically and spiritually.

Why are some men now happy looking after babies and refusing to take action through war? Could it be because they are integrating the force of their feminine energies, which enables them to bring forth and experience the innocence of their divine child-energies physically? Why do we now see and hear the force of female voices who are taking action and refusing to tolerate injustice? Could it be because they are expressing their own male power and integrating it through love, compassion, and mercy?

Divine love seeks no reward but until the power of all forces are acknowledged and their energy flows freely through us, there will be no balance of divine spiritual energy to come fully into this world to enable the vulnerable to flourish.


Tick off the traits you value most.

Without the fully balanced power of love we hold individually and collectively, predatory forces can operate through the states of our separation. And it is this that activates the cycles of violence, as we become either the oppressor or the oppressed, turning ourselves and our potential allies into prisoners of persecution and victim-hood.

By keeping people in a constant ‘state of reaction’ unable to take conscious action from a place of loving awareness, those addicted to who they think they are, remain stuck in the long, dark tunnel of time and space.

While other parts of us hold a candle and light the way we allow the love and light they hold to merge with planetary forces in full awareness of our true selves. Then we may hold a candle for those parts of ourselves and others who seek the light.


When we see the oneness of God in others, it will reflect back to ourselves, and others will then see the oneness of God in us. Thus we arrive at our source.


The loving intention will triumph. As we pray for peace in whatever form, we are manifesting our true self intentions in the physical. Our desire to live in harmony will triumph for our love and light cannot be extinguished. It can only expand, engulfing layers of darkness along the way, transforming darkness into light as awareness rises through the levels of consciousness back to its source.

To build the strength of love and peace, personally and globally, spare a prayer for yourself; spare a prayer for our young people who are stripped of their spirit in the net of drugs and alcohol. Spare a prayer for those who ache for light as they search for power outside of themselves through drugs or war.

Surround all souls with love and compassion as the divine mother energy would love her divine child, as male and female align taking action that raises all aspects to re-light our world. With love and compassion for ourselves and others, we are finding our way: emerging from our cocoon of sleep and lifting with wings of light to love all aspects of creation back to their source: to Emptiness and bliss beyond the mind's understanding.


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