Jacinda Ardern Aotearoa Vision Award Recipient

  • Kay Urlich

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern the Aotearoa Vision Award Recipient 2018 

*DISCLAIMER: We have since become disillusioned with Arderns leadership because of the decision by the Labour government in 2021 to enforce COVID MANDATES on the population of NZ, which is a Human Rights violation


Aotearoa Vision

We are One-Heart Promoting the Ways of Resolution and Peace Through Integrity to Gender, Racial, and Financial Justice in Self - Relationships - Society - Business - Animal Welfare – Environment


You, the citizen have the power to end dirty politics and corporate greed: to put into effect a generous all-encompassing vision to implement pragmatic solutions and freethinking governance. What you do matters!

Significant advancement is happening in technology and science and yet...

“What would people one hundred years ago have thought about going to the moon, or TV, and the internet; about the amount of technical progress made – and yet sadly, still, no peace? Why is it, that the seemingly fantastic and improbable has been brought to fruition in some ways but not in others?” excerpt from Peace Through Compassion.


Like the emperor who has no clothes much of what we see, that is vital to raise global consciousness such as compassion, creativity, music, color, or tenderness, those activities and small kindnesses that make us human, remain largely ignored by many leaders of technical, political and financial institutions.

The Left Brain belief system overwhelms and exploits the more intangible aspects of our life-force: human awareness continues to struggle against a paradigm that disturbs how we think and assumes how we should feel. It dominates how we build cities and medicate the population; how we perceive the role of nature and animal welfare; how we view indigenous cultures and female qualities which represent the more gentle aspects of the human condition and relegated to the lowest spectrum of all.



This single-minded viewpoint climaxed in the 20th century which witnessed the rise of  ideologies that sought fairness in society but failed to implement it. The reason is that the thinking within these systems remained the same, based on the insidious beliefs of limited gender roles and disrespect of ancient cultural values. (Find out more in Books)


Finance governs society where, as the illustration above demonstrates, organizations founded on the hierarchy of unlimited power continue to high-jack the qualities of nurturing and compassion, spatial creativity and inspiration. This mindset dampens thought-provoking business and cultural activity to control the wellbeing of the majority.


Recent events show that even in the most enlightened political and business activities the same crooked-thinking appears. What is most alarming is that to continue with this approach will take the energy of 3 or 4 planets the size of Earth to sustain its misguided and often antagonistic culture.

It is not enough to advance technology, what we know for sure is that if we as individuals do not value the essence of all things, and live in alignment with Nature and the ecosystem, humanity cannot expand to its full potential.



At Peace Through Compassion (PTC), we see a bright future where science merges with personal growth to develop wider political and business values. By engaging in whole-mind thinking, we encourage young and old to implement compassion, gender and racial equality in their communities; to exist in alignment with nature to achieve harmony with other species.

By respecting the diversity of the whole energy field system whether it be the life-force of Bees in a field or the gender and culture of people in a boardroom, we support actions that protect the integrity of the planet.



A balanced energy field structure works to protect the vulnerable and The PTC Aotearoa Vision invites you to contact us and become an Affiliate: celebrate with us those companies and political parties who implement the whole energy model. That new-world leadership takes ‘Altruism’ to the pole position in global humanitarian affairs. 


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is our Award recipient, for her ability to inspire people of all generations to be the best they can be to break-down social barriers; for her genuine openness and goodwill as she works tirelessly at home and around the world.


No matter where you live or your political choice, the Aotearoa Vision is challenging the global paradigm of inhumanity: we support people and institutions who stand up for the evidence of inspired gender, cultural, animal and environmental advancement so all may thrive.


“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it!”

Chinese Proverb


We ask you to 'raise the bar' as the New Zealand Prime Minister has done. Through the qualities of compassion, intelligence, and mindfulness that, despite the pitfalls of juggling diverse political and economic demands, the decisions made will be weighed up for their value to the individual and also the greater good. Outcomes-based on a commitment to pragmatism merged with a warm compassionate-heart where peace is not the absence of war but the activation of real understanding between nations.

What we love most about Prime Minister Ardern is the TRUST she engenders throughout the community. We congratulate Jacinda Ardern on earning the 2018 Peace Through Compassion / Aotearoa Vision Award; that intelligence merged with kindness fosters global responsibility, and we continue to work for these qualities to become the new normal in local and international affairs.


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