SAPIENS: Are They the Biggest Problem in the World?

  • Kay Urlich


Yuval Noah Harari’s epic masterpiece, ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind,’ explains, essentially, that life on Earth began about 3.8 billion years ago when molecules combined to form intricate structures called organisms. 300,000 years ago, matter and energy began to coalesce into complex structures, and Homo sapiens grew and progressed to develop elaborate systems and cultures and became the most dominant force in human History.

The book goes on to explain how a willingness to use violence has played a big part in Sapiens success.

But at what cost?  What worth is success when measured against profound human, animal, and environmental suffering?

International Human Rights lawyer, Gary Haugen, has traveled extensively through war-torn areas such as Rwanda and seen the incomprehensible despair experienced by desperate people who have no protection against violence.

Haugen tells also how he was introduced into the world of poverty and homelessness by a young woman called Venus. Venus shared the story of how she lost everything after her husband died. A neighbor who was bigger and stronger than her stole her business and threw her out of her home; there was no social system in place to prevent him from doing it.

Venus had no way of earning an income and no community support to help her feed her child. There was nothing Venus could do but watch helplessly as her son died slowly, painfully, and brutally of starvation.



No natural disaster occurred: there was no famine; no flood; no earthquake; no virus or illness and no war: the sole cause of this child's death was power, greed, and violence: and society looked on as he along with 17million other children died that year, and previous years, from mostly preventable causes.  


Too often, Haugen has observed, the central plight of the vulnerable, mainly women and children is not addressed. Most economical and global forums rarely disclose or discuss the brutal force used against females on a regular basis.  

As girls and women are the primary protectors of children, it is the innocent who are most vulnerable, who suffer most.


Harari states that “the most influential and most stable social hierarchy in history is founded on men's ability physically to coerce women.” 


He continues, “Women can match men as far as hatred, greed, and abuse are concerned, but when push comes to shove, men are more willing to engage in raw physical violence." It is “why throughout history warfare has been a masculine prerogative.”  That, “masculine dominance results not from strength but aggression.”

Moreover, when asked says Haugen, people said it was the daily personal violence (like Venus suffered) that they feared more than large-scale war.

In terms of the energy fields I work with, it is the following testosterone fuelled aspect, that when acting independently from the other fields creates brutal behavior.

Studies show that apart from testosterone males are more likely to be groomed and rewarded for callous psychological skills in business and warfare - for many it is proof of their manhood. It is, as Harari says, “their mental and social abilities placed them at the top. It is therefore only natural that the chain of power within the species will also be determined by mental and social abilities more than brute force.”

But can it be that simple? Is this the only reason toxic macho behavior remains on top?

Catherine Austin Fitts, the publisher of The Solari Report, asked a group of 100 financially aware people, “who would push a red button if it would stop all hard narcotics trafficking in their neighborhood, and country, thus offending the people who controlled an estimated $500 billion to $1 trillion a year in global money laundering.” 

 99 out of 100 people said, they would not push a red button. They preferred, that ‘adults actively attempt to addict their neighbors’ children and engage them in illegal activities and the criminal, genocidal process.’ 

It begs the questions, can the imbalance in the energy field spectrum continue? Is it where power, corruption, and violence do not exist in a vacuum but are the by-products of social and financial collusion such as that on Wall Street?


Is it time to consider the real cost, where the future of the planet is at risk because of brutal and unsustainable economics?


Many historians such as Spencer Wells author of Pandora’s Seed: The Unforeseen Cost of Civilization, says, that the society we have now was not always the case, that men were not always in charge. He tells how  8 – 10,000 years ago in the hunter/gatherer era women had equal status and honored for their unique contributions to society. 

The following field not only brings balance to testosterone fuelled actions and harmony to the planet; it is the doorway to higher consciousness.

Wells continues, “When people (probably women, because they were ‘keepers’ of the seeds) by chance planted the first seeds, they were unaware of the impact that one small act would have on humanity’s future. They could not foresee the change in society that a small and insignificant seed could bring about the slide of human consciousness.”


That, the unaware act of planting seeds, drove humanity into a new and unconscious social order.  


The dramatic change in lifestyle had a devastating downside. With expanding populations there grew a need to organize defenses. Factions became violent as they vied for control of resources and women, like horses and cattle, became a resource to be traded and used for bargaining and reward in times of conflict.


The good news is that what is learned can be unlearned. As Spence Wells suggests, "Women must once more become involved." Find out more here...

Moreover, that we have the collective power to affect change for the reason that we have the knowledge: we have learned that violence is not a natural state; it is a learned behavior that grows through motivation and reward.


What we know is that by acknowledging and rewarding the small and seemingly insignificant behaviors – those acts of kindness that are unseen and undervalued in society - we are prizing the skills of nurturing and gentleness, and the more we value and incentivise these resources, the safer the world will be.


That the seeds of compassion and awareness we plant in our minds now are the gifts we give to future generations.


The full quadrant of male and female traits exists in all of us. When activated it encourages interdependence, transparency, and compassion, and this creates safer societies. Through 'whole mind' systems we protect our young from many forms of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual violence.

According to Harari, "The future is unknown, and it would be surprising if the forecasts (of the last few pages of his book, of Frankenstein creations) were realised in full. History teaches us that what seems to be just around the corner may never materialise due to unseen barriers, and that other unseen scenarios will in fact come to pass."


It means that what can come to pass are the changes we make, where from a young age through to adulthood children are not compelled to repeat the sins of the past where the only way they can avoid ‘toxic-manhood’ or ‘victimhood’ is by taking drugs or committing suicide in response to political and financial ideologies that would crush their spirit.


When we empower all traits in the energy field spectrum around us and through our connections globally, we not only create safe environments we will raise the consciousness of the planet.


Ask yourself, what difference would a little nurturing and kindness make?



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