The Desire Underlying Spirituality

  • Kay Urlich

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In these days of global lockdown, most of us make use of the internet and in so doing forming both platonic and not-so-platonic relationships.

So what happens to desire more so when it is aroused online and oftentimes not acknowledged? Generally, the western approach is to deny the existence of sensuality and human connection outside of the bedroom, and most certainly not to relate desire to spirituality even though human beings are primarily sexual creatures.

Historically, somewhere along the way, sexuality became devoid of spiritual connection. When wanting a healthy sex life is no different than the desire for good food or to feel joy; it is a normal and natural part of the human experience. The lack of fulfillment means people also withdraw from the pleasure of the body and their daily lives become devoid of ecstatic joy.

It is then that many instead of connecting to the force within become devoted to finding that special person for satisfaction; they want connection but avoid the inner union seeking fulfillment for an elusive loss they can never satisfy. This lack of inner connection is why the pornography statistics expand every year. It is the result of no self-union or outlet for human desire and the feelings become distorted: it is why religious leaders and those in positions of authority direct their suppressed feelings toward the vulnerable where men, women, children and the earth suffer.

And yet, indigenous societies with pagan and shamanic cultures regard desire as the main form of directing life-force through the female energy as our divine connection to the Earth. They honor the Great Mother and her gifts that gave birth and nourished Life.


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When we regard our energies as being precious and worthy of our care and aligned with the world around us, then we will see all things existing powerfully and equally within one Universal Conscious Awareness. Since the suppression of the feminine fields humanity lost connection to the nourishing spirit of the earth from within the void of the Universe. As the nourishment of all aspects of life unfolds, it contributes to the surge of life force and enlivens this planet and its energy fields that is vital to maintain its continuing and improving health.

Jonathon Keyes explains: “Like the tides that roll in and out according to the Moon’s pull, we have times of increased power and times when we feel less whole. Women have a more keen sense of this as their menstrual cycles, and hormonal levels mimic the ebb and flow of the Moon.”

Uncovering energetic forces no matter where you are and how they express themselves helps people stay connected, not only with others but mostly to the rush of unity within the current of their inner wellness. We are part of the earth's balance as we ebb and flow with the rhythm of life. The creatures know this as it is known and lived within the cultures that honor all life-force.

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