“Congratulations… I much admire efforts such as these to find

positive and optimistic adjustments in our emotional and social worlds.”  

Professor Richard Wrangham,

Department of Anthropology, Harvard University



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What people are saying,

“I just love these books, fantastic.”  The Art of Healing Magazine, Byron Bay

"Thank you for the incredible help you have given me."  Michelle. 

"You really made a difference."  Louise.

"Thank you for your truly wonderful work."  Ruth.

"The healing was wonderful it has helped me so much to be the best I can be, in ways I'll probably not even realize." Allister.

Your testosterone investigations look right on!”  Professor Richard Wrangham, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University

"MEN: This book is an analysis and account of the cost of humanity failing to embrace its full, balanced male and female nature. Our imbalance is the problem, our over realization of our male side and suppression of our female side, and so we find ourselves in ManWorld. This is the violent, extractive, destructive, values crazy world we are living in now. All action and power without compassion and empathy. This book is intense and uncompromising. It is a coherent call for us all to open our eyes and minds and hearts, to get a grip and take full responsibility. Kay Urlich shows us a deep spiritual weaving of meaning and hope, to raise our consciousness, our frame of reality, to include our male and female, earth and spirit energies. To act always in empathy and from love, to bring inner as well as world peace. I highly recommend this book."  Zac Foote