War Child

  • Kay Urlich

Part 2/7 A Path to Peace in the Middle East: An Aotearoa Vision. Part 1/7 Introduction

Are some children fated to become mortal enemies?

Do you have profound memories from childhood recalling instances that affected your life significantly and not always in positive ways? If so, then you are not alone. 

We are born perfect. For many, this time is joyful.  However, depending on family and cultural requirements, and many would say Karma, childhood can be a time of severe trauma.

“Give me a child till he’s seven and I’ll give you the man.” So says the famous quote, attributed to sources such as Aristotle, the Jesuits and others. 

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Apart from having our basic human needs met with food, clothing, shelter and the relative safety of our family and society (collectively known as the nurturing aspects), the modern view is that we are bound to our DNA (nature) in terms of our personalities and even our illnesses.  Thus our DNA could be the ultimate cause of our heart disease, cancer, and even the conflicts and war we engage in.

Nature or nurture? If DNA could explain all human behavior, would it mean that a Palestinian child raised in a traditional Israeli home would grow up and automatically forget his adopted clan and start fighting for the Palestinians?



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