PANDORA'S BOX: The Price of Power

  • Kay Urlich

Part 4 of 7 A PATH TO PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST: The Aotearoa Treaty

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What does an African tribesman who puts a tight coil around his left arm to squeeze the life out of it, have in common with those at the highest levels of American governance?

You may not know about the ritual of African tribesmen, but you probably know about the trials of Christine Blasey Ford. Whether her testimony is true or not, I was watching as speakers of the Senate dismissed her experience and stomped over her heart, as if the words she uttered were in ‘tongues’ or symbols of a code spouted by distraught antagonists.  


Many Senators are trained like Nuer tribesmen to ‘kill the light’ in an area of their brain: think of sleeping beauty. Because when this part of the mind is silent, they cannot hear its cry, and by that measure, they avoid its testament.



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