MAN or GOD: Who Gets Your Child?

  • Kay Urlich

Part 3 of 7  A PATH TO PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST: An Aotearoa Vision

Catch up here Part 1 Introduction, Part 2 War Child.

Imagine this: you are hurtling through space on your way to Mars, wide-eyed trying to glimpse Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Mukesh Ambani, and Jeff  Bezos up front, as the waitress pops the cork and pours champagne; the party is on!


Your stomach churns in expectation as you wait for your share of the bubbly ‘cause soon you’ll be landing where you must get to work; …when will they fill your glass?

After a while, you think okay, never mind the celebration.  Hey, you’ve hit the big-time: you’re on the rocket, at the forefront of human knowledge.  You are one of the few who understands the thrill that Christopher Columbus's crew felt as they waved the old world goodbye.

But, more than that, you are vibrating in triumph! Not only have you outdone Columbus who overpowered America, the sods who exploited South America, and British who ravished India, Australia, New Zealand and affected land distribution in the Middle East - you have trumped the competition by a long-shot because you are soaring to places beyond their wildest imaginings!

Still, the niggle in your skull harps on: when will you slosh champagne with Elon, when will you get to enjoy the bounty that progress promised?


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Parts 1-7 from ‘A PATH TO PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST: An Aotearoa Vision,’ by Kay Urlich are available to download FREE until the 28th February 2019. Then the book will be available for purchase.  

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