LOVE POWER: Feminine Rising

  • Kay Urlich

 Part 5/7  A PATH TO PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST: An Aotearoa Vision

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How do you view love? Do you see love as a soft, girly issue - or do you understand that great ‘love fields’ exist beyond human understanding and when accessed they empower ultimate courage even in high performing testosterone-fuelled males.

Forest Gump believed that life was like a box of chocolates. I see it more like a tinned fruit display at the supermarket; it looks great but imagine how a forceful move that dislodges one tin could collapse the whole field sending all the cans scattering down the aisle.  The structure supporting our high performing ‘love field’ is the same, when the elements holding it up are destroyed it causes the healthy male and female parts of us to collapse in on themselves just like the tinned fruit display in a supermarket aisle.


I say this because the justifications for the violence that causes the collapse are endless, whether that aggression has sexual intent or is simply random.  No matter where or how it occurs, those who use the tried and tested methods of aggression for defense or for retaliation continue to disconnect themselves and others from a secure and healthy love-filled life-force, and everybody involved loses.


Even if it were only a minority who suffer from physical problems like cancer it affects the structure. When trauma occurs to large parts of the population then it affects the whole society.




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