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  • Kay Urlich

Part 6/7 A PATH TO PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST: An Aotearoa Vision

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Do you feel intimately supported by a loving universe? Or are you more likely to judge your faults, your looks or your relationships and income?

When we were babies we didn’t criticize our actions: when we fell over we got back up again; we didn’t agonize about our inability to stand and walk, and we never thought we had failed. We were too excited by life, busy growing into our environment and in the process creating individuality and personality.

However, we soon learned we were failing if we didn’t struggle to be better than others. 

Working our way through childhood meant adapting and learning about life through the logical side of our brain, and through this we began to forget we were perfect.

One of my children received a photo he had never seen before from his cousin taken when he was a baby. They laughed at his frowning face and his uncontrollable red hair sticking up in the air saying he looked like a cartoon character that only a mother could love.

I reminded him that to me, he was a flawless and perfect baby. More than that, I had expected everybody to be amazed and to love him as I did. I then repeated the story of how when I came home from the hospital, barely able to walk from the stitches incurred from his birth,  I took him outside in the pram for a walk thinking that traffic would stop as people got out of their cars to view the miracle of him.


I realize now, that the love I had for my baby went beyond any onlookers understanding, that a mothers love can border on the seemingly irrational; I learned about devotion and love that goes beyond the observer's mind to comprehend.



Part 7 

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