A Path to Peace in the Middle East

  • Kay Urlich

This  Free Series is now deleted. CLICK HERE here to purchase. If you desire peace, join me. I invite you to explore the understanding that we are One Consciousness and to achieve harmony, we must first acknowledge what it is that divides us.

This is Part 1 in a series of 7 articles taken from A Path To Peace In The Middle East: An Aotearoa Vision (Previously The Aotearoa Treaty) Ebook available on Amazon/Kay Urlich 28 February 2019.

The book starts by recognizing the forces that generate conflict in places such as the Middle East, New Zealand, and the Balkans and concludes in Part 7 with a new perception of New Zealand's founding document The Treaty of Waitangi, where despite our differences we are 'OneHeart' as described in the Aotearoa Vision.

While each chapter is an article in itself, for a full awareness of the concepts discussed it is recommended you read the book in its entirety.  


Part 1. Introduction


You are likely familiar with stories of violence from World War 1 and World War 2. The tales we heard, depending on which side you were on, we learned through different cultural perspectives.

What I didn’t know as a child growing up in New Zealand was that our indigenous people, Maori, were massacred, had their environment destroyed and their land stolen. It was much later that I came to realize how indigenous people all over the world, such as the First Nation people of Canada, the USA, the aborigines of Australia, and the tribes of Africa have endured incomprehensible indignities and countless horrors through the forced assimilation of their culture into the yoke of foreign ownership.


It was never made clear that massive genocide was not only part of New Zealand's history but that state-sanctioned violence lay at the very foundation of many societies.


Part 2 War Child Parts 1-7 from ‘A PATH TO PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST: An Aotearoa Vision,’ by Kay Urlich are available to download FREE until the 28th February 2019. Then the book will be available for purchase on Amazon/Kay Urlich .



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