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“Your testosterone investigations look right on!Professor Richard Wrangham, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University




Are We Living in a Random Universe?


Or is it Possible to Make Sense of the Paradigm-Shift We are Going Through Right Now?


Ask yourself, are we living in a random universe? Are our personal lives and the global situation just accidental events that we are powerless to prevent? Or could a structure exist that explains the chaos we are going through? And, with this knowledge, would it be possible to raise the consciousness of humanity?

What are the most important things in your life? When you think about it, most of us want a loving relationship, a happy family, a real income and to live in peace with our neighbors. But clearly, this is often not the case. As we see with personal conflict and the recent US political events, many delicate situations are deteriorating by the day.

If you watch the News and read social media posts, you find many are skeptical, believing that the hardships of war and violence can never end.

However, when we look beyond the fear and trauma we are surrounded by people wanting to help in some way but find it hard to do on their own. Not only that, but there is indisputable proof that greater things can happen when we come together, that is when you and I decide to work as a team to do something about it.  

My understanding of the power of human potential began in the mid-nineties when I discovered a series of Energy Fields in the human body. This knowledge changed my life: it showed not only how personal relationships break down, but how we can heal them and improve our lives. Over time, I came to see that the chaotic fields that wrecked personal relationships also inflamed society and affected global systems. 


Like cells in the body, when the Structure of Energy Fields breakdown we suffer.

Energy Fields change your life as, like cells, they build healthy structures to create optimum performance within your Relationships, Society, Business & Global Ethics, Animal Welfare and the Environment 


You need only look at the following illustration and tick the qualities that represent an individual's personality, relationships, or a nation's values to find the disconnect, or conversely the balance and harmony that exists: it demonstrates how the Structure of Energy Fields, like Yin and Yang, exist in each of us no matter our gender, and our society no matter our culture. 


As the illustration indicates there are no right or wrong areas.

For a Video Example of Donald Trump and Jacinda Ardern's Energy Fields Click Here

Trouble only arises when different aspects are either not activated or they dominate other areas to gain power


For example, no different than the global peace process, Jane was a client who wanted to resolve her relationship issues. She'd had a few partners over the years, and the same problems had appeared each time: first they would emotionally withdraw and then they would leave. 

The usual thing would be to talk about her childhood and have hours of counseling, and it makes sense to do this, for it is in the early years where the issues most likely started. However, this was only one part in Jane's journey of recovery from  trauma. We had to also consider the state of the underlying energy structure: was it connecting?


"What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing. It also depends on what sort of person you are." C. S. lewis


When looking at the combined structure of these fields you see how each characteristic has intelligence that is independent of the other parts. Was it possible that some aspects were not there for Jane? And, if they had not been active in her, how would it reflect in the partner she attracted? 

Most people have heard of the unconscious mind, but not of the forces that become depleted, that keep us divided and unaware and repeating the same problems which affect society: that is governed by not just one set of Yin and Yang energy, but two. We each have an Earth-Male and an Earth-Female field plus Spiritual-Male and Spiritual-Female fields.    

As the illustration shows (find out more in  The Structure of Energy Healing) I found that Jane was very stuck in her 'Earth Female' energy field (that exists within men and women) which in its negative state cannot move from the feelings of deep pain.


This field represents the mother, wife within us. She holds our still/passive, sensitive areas of caring for others and meeting our physical needs. This is the part that is intuitive and interdependent that is cooperative with others. (This area is actively encouraged in women but generally discouraged in men.)


Jane was also lacking many of her 'Earth Male' characteristics, which meant she could not draw forth many of these qualities: she lacked independence and the 'will' to move forward. Which, when disconnected from other fields, meant she took destructive rather than productive action.

This field represents action through physical strength and logic: it creates science and technology. It represents the physical father, husband, son; the action hero. It holds our masculine, resilient, competitive, independent, leadership qualities. (This energy is actively encouraged in men, and generally discouraged in women.)


Similar to the knowledge of Yin and Yang, each aspect shines brightly or dims its light in childhood which then as we grow is reflected in our relationships. While Jane's 'earth male' field was blocked it meant she would draw that same energy to herself. You could say this is her testosterone template (which is reflected to her in the partner she attracts). 


The more we identify with only one field the more we limit ourselves. When this happens, and we cannot see that all energy is an integral part of a complex system, we come to believe we are opposed and remain blind to the possibility of peaceful co-existence.


As I worked with Jane, I explained the images I was seeing, Jane felt the truth of this and understood what had been missing - that no matter how positively she spoke to herself, or how many counseling sessions she had, until she resolved the blocked areas, the unconscious aspects would continue to sabotage her best intentions: she would keep attracting the wrong people. Equally, if each area was cared for, nourished, and vibrant this would create a more positive outcome. Not only that, but by being stuck in the Earth Fields we cannot access the 'higher' male and female aspects that expand consciousness, therefore we become Self-limiting. To discover the power of the Spiritual Energy Fields go to Books


The Structure of Energy Fields plays out in the global dynamics too, where different aspects (or egos) fight for control of resources.


By examining the energy field structure you can determine which aspects dominate the global arena, and where those problems will appear to undermine global Peace Talks  This means, that in the financial and political worlds which are dominated by hierarchy, competition and left brain doers (i.e. the Earth-Male energy field). Which means, we must look to those areas which are not so easy to measure, the Earth-Female field.  It appears that masculine, competitive action is the opposite of the feminine nurturing qualities, but this is not so, in reality when they are connected they compliment each other as they are each valued for their unique insight where they become more powerful than the sum of their parts. 


Poverty, sexism, and racism all stem from structures of imbalance.

No matter how many ‘peace-talks’ are held, harmony cannot occur until people, us, merge and activate resources to benefit the greater good.

Video: How Relationships create Global Causes such as the Refugee Crisis

Tolerance and nurturing produces compassionate and merciful action. As Jane discovered when  healing herself, the most important factor was to care for all areas of her energy structure. Only then could she respond compassionately and attract those qualities in her relationships. 


By merging energy field awareness we raise consciousness and gain the interconnection of a universal mind-set.


There are no right or wrong fields; there are only areas of our lives that would benefit if they were valued and supported


By understanding the unseen energy factors we gain powerful tools for expanding global consciousness. The illustration shows how to strengthen or reign in forces so each of us become the master of our own fate, while honoring and rejoicing in community and global diversity. It is this knowledge that expands the well-being, and prosperity of humanity. 

What We Do Matters.

Become Part of the Solution Through Conscious Global Action.

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