Am I A Jacinda Groupie

I’ve been accused, harangued and criticized for being a “Jacinda groupie.” This is because I love that Jacinda is intelligent and streetwise: she is usually the smartest person in the room. She knows her stuff!


But, me being a Jacinda groupie is technically incorrect.


Because long before Jacinda Ardern became Prime Minister I asked people to stand up for kindness and compassion through the Peace Through Compassion movement and then I refined that through the Aotearoa Vision.

The point is that if we want a peaceful world, then we must ‘do no harm’.  

People talk of love, but that is not so easy to achieve in this complicated world. Love has a high value in some places but it is most abused, more so in politics.


This is because love is confused with the emotional and mental attachment humans have through patterns of violence and betrayal sourced from old social structures.


So to start the process of human and global wellness, love for its own sake doesn’t cut it.

Nor will a new political ideology.

As we have witnessed from the last century most new ideologies ended in dysfunctional failure. How many systems can you name - communism etc.?

Image: The Independent

Now, capitalism is on the brink of collapse: you have probably already asked yourself, how can the rich keep getting richer while people, mostly children, lay abandoned to starve in the streets?


We must understand that for success, social systems must be based on something better than ideology.

There must be an underlying kindness at play.


Experience has taught us that love and ideology without kindness usually end up in divorce, murder, brutal poverty or war.

It is time for humanity to comprehend its most fatal error.

And that is, in thinking that kindness is weakness,

when in fact it is humanity’s greatest power.


So, no, I’m not a Jacinda groupie.

I’d say I’m a realist: that no ideology is worthy unless it is infused with compassion and benevolence  

this is is the fundamental connection humans have.

It is about you being my brother and sister in this world and kindness portrays this most.


Kindness opens the Heart Space


kindness is why Jacinda has met my criteria – this is why I am voting Yes.


Find out more Jacinda Ardern 2018 Peace Through Compassion Award winner

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I love this it reminds me of the need to reflect on the 7 different types of love suggested by the Greeks I think. There is agape love for everyone, eros erotic love, brotherly love, the love of couples married a long time, parent child love, best friend love, and flirtatious love. I think if I remember properly. It would be good if we all learned those properly it would transform our understanding of ourselves. Then there is potential for change.

19 October 202023:01

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