Kay Urlich

Author, Healer, Master Class Speaker, Futurist

After years of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and western medical treatment, Kay discovered alternative healing therapies and self-help workshops. With an interest in exploring illness through the human mind and its systems, she then traveled the world delving deeper into the sacred connection many Spiritual Leaders and Gurus, Shamans and healers have to universal consciousness. Kay questioned how energy and consciousness aligned with the business methods she had learned such as Robert Kiyosaki's 16 day-business school in Hawaii and his associated super-learning methods in New Zealand. 

Kay went on to discover the ancient wisdom of how a ‘structure of energy fields' hold consciousness. By working on multilayers of the human body, mind, and spirit Kay now writes about how these different concepts when separated cause problems but when they come together can heal (Find out more in Books). Now called the Kurlich Healing Method, Kay demonstrates how energy fields affect not only our health and relationships but gender and racial social structures. Find out more at Aotearoa Vision, and the SAFY: Self-Awareness-For-Youth  suicide prevention project 

 Kay has appeared on radio and TV where her work has been described as extraordinary. 

Michael Rafael Vujnovich

PTC Projects Partnership 

Projects Manager Tauranga City Council NZ 

Michael has vast experience as a former NGO for Child Fund NZ working throughout Asia and Africa 

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